Do your kids like craft?

Do your kids like art and craft? 

Mine do. BIG TIME!

Painting, drawing and sticking bits of things onto other things. They raid my recycle bin for cardboard boxes and toilet paper tubes.

Santa left my son a sticky tape dispenser with a big supply of sticky tape rolls in his sack, because all of my sticky tape was disappearing.

On the days my daughter is at pre-school, I go and retrieve craft, notices etc from her folder. 

I just have to find the one which is bulging and I know it's hers. 

Generally she comes home with 5 or 6 new paintings or craftworks. 

My son was never into drawing - crashing cars, playing with his train set or being outside riding his bike or scooter was always more his "thing". 

Super fast car with a flag
Since he's started kindergarten, he comes home from school, takes out all of my computer printer paper from it's holder and draws pictures like a boy possessed.

It's great to have the kids being creative. I love it. Finally they have inherited some of my genes. 

But what am I to do with it all?

Island with a coconut tree

The fridge is covered from top to bottom with pictures. 

Their bedroom walls and doors have pictures. 

The grandparents, aunts, uncles have been given paintings. We have folders at home for their projects which are filling up fast.

My neighbour throws all of the kids crafts away. I just can't bear to do it.

My question is - What do you do with your kids arts and crafts?


  1. My kids love craft too. My son is more into playdoh and building things with lego which is great, cause I can take pictures of it and then it gets knocked down or put away. He had boxes of stuff from preschool-year 3 and I was beside myself with what to do with it. I decided to go through it all and pick out the ones that were the best, his favourite and special occasion ones and then I scanned (had to buy an A3 scanner)then all into the computer and then rolled up the originals and put them into a post tube/roll. Now that he is in year 4 there isn’t going to be as much stuff but I take a photo or scan of the stuff he/I want to keep and then put it into a big box and into the cupboard and the rest gets tossed out. Now that my daughter is in kindy I will do the same for her. Although she loves 'writing' little notes with post it notes! Not sure what to do with them at the moment!

  2. You need to turn that super fast car into one of your wonderful mug rugs!

  3. My children are 14 and 20 now. They were each given a "special" box which went in the closet. A separate box was under their bed. Through each school year they would place things in the box under their bed. At the end of each year we would sit down together and explore that box. Only the special items could go in the special box. It is also where special baby things eventually landed. Now my son is 20 and has his special box and loves to look through it. He recently had a new granddaughter for me and spoke of getting a box for her. I love that it was passed on. BTW my husband and I also have a box for those special things the kids made just for us and that we got for each other.

  4. I was going to say that perhaps you should sort through then with the kids and let them know that they can't keep everything, so together pick out some favourites to keep.... but the ideas above are even better!!
    My littlie is not yet one so I haven't had to deal with this yet.

  5. Oh it is a challenge isn't it!! I used to keep all of them in a big box. Would keep the special ones separate and then when enough time had gone by, and I would think they had forgotten about them, I would throw the not so special ones out. My daughter used to make me cards every day for a while and I have never thrown them out, but the "artwork" certainly got filed in the rubbish bin. Only got caught out once lol

    Now they are 10 and 11 and I frame their special pieces and hang on the wall. They have done some amazing stuff as they have gotten older.

  6. I'm going to be naughty , I'm writing my comment in portuguese but if you have any trouble reading it, tell me and I won't do it again.
    Os meus filhos já não são crianças-t~em 19 e 14 anos mas ainda tenho guardados alguns trabalhos manuais feitos por eles. A Catarina adorava fazer desenhos para depois nos "vender", era louca por Playdoh. O José passava horas a montar Lego. Ás vezes sinto saudades desse tempo.

  7. We are making a scrapbook album with Xavier's special pieces,or photos of the special pieces. Heloves making scrapbook pages (just like mummy!) and keeps the good ones safe,and also able to be easily viewed. It also means he leaves me alone when I am doing scrapbooking, becuase he knows that he gets to make his own.

  8. My sons kindy did up portfolios with some artworks and photos and I kept some in a folder. He loves drawing trucks and I have been thinking about turning a couple into stitcheries!

  9. What wonderful artwork! That is very fine.

  10. Anorina I know what you mean, what I did was I used to store mine in a large blanket box then at the end of the year you have to get tough and sort it out and keep just one painting and one craft item for each month. It is hard but just think if you have this much now how much will you have by the time they finish primary school :) Now my kids have gone through it and taken what they want and the rest has been recycled :)
    Love and Hugs Olivia


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