Lotsa Pinwheels...

I've had a couple of 'Fresh Cottons' charm packs sitting on my shelf for a while and finally decided to cut into them.

I'm not normally a fan of this type of fabric but I have to say I'm really enjoying playing with it.

It's got a spring-like girly-ness of it. Don't you think?

Do you cut the little 'ears' when making your pinwheels or just leave them?

I would also love to hear any great tips you have on how to reduce the bulk of that pinwheel centre.


  1. They are rather pretty fabrics and do look very elegant. I get rid of the ear, they cause too much bulk. I trick I learnt is to rotate the seams around the centre and then you get a little circular centre that opens out flat. It works for star blocks so should work just the same for pinwheels. Good luck!

  2. Your pinwheels are lovely. The fabrics do look fresh and spring-like and should make up into a really cute quilt.

  3. I like these fabrics, pretty pinwheels! I haven't made many pinwheels, but on the ones I did, I cut the ears.

  4. I always cut the ears off - just don't like them and they cause extra bulk. Some people open up their seams when doing pinwheels but I don't find that helps much.

  5. Unfortunately I don't have any tips, but I really do like those fabrics!

  6. You have a very lovely Blog.
    Greetings from Germany,


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