Tuesday Treasure

My treasure sits up on our shelf... high up enough where the kids can't touch.

It's my Year 12 major art work... or if you're not familiar with the NSW school system in the 90's, it's the big project which get marked for your final test score, during your last year of school. Did that make sense?

The photo isn't too fantastic as it's finished with a high gloss and it kept getting "flash spots".

What's your treasure? Have a look at some other treasures at Clare's Craftroom.

Come back later in the week for draw of the the Fall into Fall giveaway and for a new giveaway of some lovely XLN fabric Christmas fat 1/4's, to get your Christmas projects started.


  1. This is really interesting work. Thanks for sharing

  2. I love them! The colours are gorgeous. Did you get a good mark? *grin* toni xxx

  3. It's beautiful and so nice that you still have it ! Thanks for showing us and playing along .

  4. I love the rainbow colours. No wonder you keep well out of reach. A great treasure.

  5. Looks great. Did you go on to study art? Charmaine

  6. Those are lovely - could almost be used in a quilt design???
    Thanks for your comments on my posts - I always reply but they are bounced back to me - it only happens to a couple of people and I can't seem to fix it...
    Anyway - I love your visits and comments... and I love coming to visit you too...

  7. Lol, a generation before in the 70's I had friends taking Art in year 12 doing their major work also!! I like how you've balanced the colours then thrown blue into the centre one as a feature. Very nice and very unusual.


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