Spring is in the air

Other than some crochet in the evenings while I watch 'The Block', I've been decidedly un-crafty this past few days. After weekend birthday celebrations, the birthday girl caught a cold and has spent the last couple of days at home with me. She's soldiered on and helped with lots of jobs around the house. 

Spring is in the air, so we've been inspired to open windows and begin preparing for the warmer weather. It may be a little premature, but I even changed all of the flannelette sheets to crisp cotton sheets on the beds today. 

The garden is blooming and the bees are loving all of the blossoms. I was out hanging the washing on the line and could hear them buzz, buzz, buzzing as they busily collected pollen.

Hubby planted tomato, zucchini and cucumber seeds a couple of months ago and the seedlings are growing very nicely in our little greenhouse. They're almost big enough to transplant out into the veggie patch.

He's even planted watermelon seeds which are beginning to grow. My son saw pictures of square watermelons online and is now obsessed with the idea of growing a square watermelons this summer. He's even got his grandfather (my dad) involved and given him the job of putting together some type of square watermelon mold. No doubt I'll be sharing pictures of our square watermelons (hopefully) in the summer.

I'm a sucker for succulents. I look at all of the pretty succulent accounts on Instagram and really want to be able to propogate my own succulent babies with the ones I have. 

I've had limited success so far, but I have the excuse that it was winter. I'm hoping that I'll have more success in growing some succulent "babies" as the weather warms up. I've broken off some lower leaves and will keep an eye on them over the coming weeks/months.


  1. Your daughter is gorgeous... even when not very well.... Spring is so lovely - and I am looking forward to the square watermelons. My succulent leaves are slowly growing.. they are very cute when they start..

    1. Thanks Fiona. She's a sweetheart. Yes, they are really really cute. I went around this morning and broke off a few more leaves in the hope of propagating babies. Fingers crossed for both our succulent babies.


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