TRAVEL: Oh, Melbourne!

Oh Melbourne, you are lovely and its been a wonderful adventure.

We wandered your market and ate your food. The spicy lamb borek was delicious and highly recommended. We felt brave and drank your unusual 'dark & stormy' coffee (a shot of espresso poured over ice cold ginger beer).

We rode your trams which made getting around a lot less stressful than driving in among the trams. My kids managed 12 different tram rides in 2 days (yes, my son loves a tram).

There was a wonderful quilt show that I was lucky enough to attend. So much quilty inspiration in the beautiful Exhibition Building.

You put on the most glorious Autumnal display. The suburbs are aglow with the beautiful russet colours of the season.

The school holidays are almost over and life will return to normal. We're back home after an easy flight back to Sydney. It was lovely to get away, but there's something wonderful about sleeping in your own bed after time away.

A big thank you to my IL's who gave us a place to stay, lots of outings with the kids and use of their car to get around in.


  1. Thanks for showing us your fall happenings as we sneak into spring/summer with daffodils and tulips. Such fun.

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