Singin' in the Rain - Sydney

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From the moment it premiered, Singin' in theRain has certainly made a splash!

After a sell-out West End season, praise from critics in a major UK tour, Singin’ in the Rain is delighting Australian audiences. After a successful start to the Australian season in Melbourne, the show has now arrived in Sydney and local theatre goers are set for a wonderful theatrical adventure.

This show is packed full of the charm, comedy, glamour and romance. It tells the story of the first Hollywood musical, when the silver screen found its voice and left silent movies – and some of its stars – behind. 

When I was invited to attend the Sydney opening of Singin'in the Rain, I jumped at the opportunity. I love the original film from the 1950's, so the chance to see it performed live on stage was wonderful.

As we so rarely get to spend any time together (without kids), I invited my sister to be my "plus one". We kissed the family good bye and left home early so that we could find good parking at the venue and have dinner before the show - again, without kids! We made our way into the theatre and sat down, ready to be entertained. And that we were.

The first half went by quickly and closed with the title song, "Singin' in the Rain". It rained on stage. Literally, it rained! Thousands of litres of water were raining on the stage. The front few rows were given ponchos to keep them dry-ish, while Don Lockwood sang and danced around with his umbrella, in that scene made famous by Gene Kelly.

Honestly, it was wonderful. At one point, I remember looking at the people around me while he was splashing about and seeing the smiles on everyone's face. Pure joy.

It was interesting to see the crew clean and dry the stage during the intermission. Honestly, they were amazing and if you hadn't seen it "rain" on the stage, you wouldn't know it,  come the second half.

Before long, it was all over and we were making our way back home and discussing how we could convince our kids to take up tap dancing lessons.

Don Lockwood, is performed by Grant Almirall (unfortunately, Adam Garcia is currently injured). Kathy Selden is performed by Gretel Scarlet and they're brilliant leading stars. Personally, for me it was Cosmo Brown (performed by Jack Chambers) who stole the show. He is one of those stars, who when on stage, draws your eyes. 

Erika Heynatz is absolutely flawless in her performance as Lina Lamont (the character with the awful speaking and singing voice). Erika squeaks through a fantastically funny performance. Love, love, love her!

Singin' in the Rain is at the Lyric Theatre in Sydney for the next few weeks. For a wonderful night, get some friends together and go see it before it heads up to Brisbane. Purchase tickets directly from the Singin' in the Rain page.

Photos by Jeff Busby


  1. looks awesome .....

  2. great! we have also so much rain here in denmark... :0) greetings ulrike

    1. Hi Ulrike, it's been a rainy few days here too. Hope it's clearing and that you're enjoying your summer xx

  3. Absolutely brilliant show. I went the second week it was open in Melbourne and Adam Garcia wasn't in it that day for some reason. I was so disappointed as I've loved him since coyote ugly days however Grant was sensational. So glad you enjoyed it too.

  4. Thanks for sharing and giving me a smile.


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