Christmas Tree Garland Tutorial + Pattern {Handmade Christmas}

With Christmas drawing near, it’s time to get your last minute handmade decorating finished.

This Christmas Tree Garland is the latest project in my Handmade Christmas series. It's quick to make and you can use up any of those remaining pieces of festive fabric.

Fabric is Xmas Basics and available at Spotlight Stores

To make the Christmas Tree Garland you will need to download and print the tree template.

I transferred the tree template to some freezer paper (because it’s easy to iron it on temporarily), but cutting it out of printer paper and pinning is fine too.

Begin by choosing 2 pieces of fabric (roughly the same size) for each tree (approximately 5" x 8"). Place them with wrong sides together.

Pin the Christmas Tree to the top of the fabrics and cut around the shape leaving a 1/4" around the shape.

Remove the the template and using a 1/4" foot on your sewing machine, sew all the way around the shape, leaving a 2" gap for stuffing. Don't forget to back stitch at the start and the end.

Fill the tree shape with polyester stuffing, but don't over fill it or it may lose it's shape.

Go back to the machine, position the needle a few stitches from where you left off, and sew the seam closed. It's finished now, but you can sew all the way around again for a defined edge.

Make as many or as few of these trees as you like. Trim away the raw edge with your pinking shears for a lovely effect (and to help stop fraying).

To hang these, I folded some bias binding in half and sewed it along the edge. I left approximately 1/2 metre on each side (for hanging) and sewed the tops of the trees to the bias binding at regular intervals.

If you don't have any bias binding, bakers twine works or thin rope or even cotton webbing tape will work just fine.

Hang the garland above your front door to welcome your Christmas guests, or on an archway in your home, up the stair railing or place it on your Christmas tree.

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