All in a Row Placemats – Variations

A few weeks ago, I shared my “All In A Row Placemat” pattern which includes all of the details on how to make  this quilted placemat along with the links to my free printable pattern. Click here to get the pattern.

All in a Row - Quilted Placemat 2

All in a Row Placemat

Well, upon returning from our family holiday, I wanted something to sew. My machine had been in for a service while we were away, and I really wanted to put it through it’s paces and see how much nicer it was running - and yes, it’s as if my Bernina went away to a swanky spa retreat. It came home with a new needle threader and all clean, oiled and running just beautifully.

I made another blue All in a Row placemat, with a few little splashes of red. I really enjoy the process of stitching and flipping the pieces in this QAYG method. If you ask me, it’s quite therapeutic.

All in a Row - Blue

I enjoy adding a little bit of stitching detail on my projects. I know this is just a placemat which will get used, stained, worn, washed etc… but I don’t mind. A few little hand stitches make me happy.

All in a Row - Blue 2

Once this one was finished, I thought I should just make one more. This time I used some left over Cultivate fabrics. This range is by Bonnie Camille for Art Gallery Fabrics, and I used it originally to create the “Plus and a Dash Quilt” (which you can read more about HERE).

All in a Row - Cream

And of course some extra stitching in a brown perle cotton was added …

All in a Row - Cream 2

I liked this one, so much so, that I decided that I should make it again with brown/black shot cotton borders.

All in a Row - Brown

And then I liked the brown so much… that i made another one with brown borders…

All in a Row - Brown 2

My daughter came in and told me she doesn’t like blue or brown… so I made another one, in pinks and purples, which is a little wonky and super scrappy.

All in a Row - Purple

Soccer season is over and we’re onto Baseball season. My son has 1.5hr training sessions, so I managed to hand bind 3 of these while I sat in the car, waiting with my little miss. She brought her iPad, so we watched ‘Beauty and the Beast’ together while we waited.

After all of these years and a lot of films, I still think that ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is my favourite Disney movie.

Which colour combination placemats do you like best?
Which Disney movie is your ALL-TIME favourite?


  1. Hi Anorina,wow they look fantastic xx

  2. I prefer blue and white. I always love that combo but the dark brown one would be more practical.
    Cinderella is my favourite Disney movie.


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