05 August 2014

Child Car Seats + WIN a NEW Britax Tourer Booster {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

Today, I’m climbing up on my parenting high horse, well really my family SUV, to talk about child car seats. So many children are killed or injured in car crashes every year – but some of these could be prevented or reduced if the right car seat was used correctly. Children incorrectly secured in a car seat are seven times more likely to sustain life threatening injuries in a crash, than those using car seats secured correctly. provides mums, dads, grandparents and carers a simple guide to finding the right car seat for the precious cargo they carry each day. The website shows car seats that have been scientifically tested for crash safety and ease of use. Each seat is star rated to help parents and carers choose the best car seat for their child.

carseats guide

Honestly, I urge you to visit and check that you have the proper restrain for your child. Some states even have fitting centres which can assist in ensuring the child car seat is fitted correctly. Search for your nearest centre on the website.

I drop my children off at school each morning and collect them each afternoon. The school has a couple of “Kiss & Drop” zones which make it a fast turn around and limits the need for parking around the school and the neighbouring streets.

What bothers me most, is when I see children who are possibly the right age, yet small in stature, climb into cars and buckle up, WITHOUT A CHILD CAR SEAT! Gah! In my opinion, just because a child has reached the legal age that sitting in a car seat is no longer required, the adult must also look at the child’s size and where the seat belt sits on their shoulder, before allowing them to discard the seat.

My daughter turns 7 next month. She’s not very short and she’s not very tall.She’s just an average sized (almost) 7 year old girl. But if she were to sit in the car without a child car seat, I doubt she’d be able to look out of her side window, much less be restrained properly with a regular seat belt.
Much to her dismay, she’ll remain in her child car seat until she’s a little bigger. She now has a NEW Britax Tourer in bright, BRIGHT purple (though it is also available in black).

Britax Safe n Sound Tourer Purple

It is the tallest untethered child car seat in Australia and best of all, it’s not a hand-me-down from her older brother. Yay! I removed her old seat and very easily popped this one into the car before collecting her from school. It's light weight and very easy to install. There were lots of squeals at the beautiful purple-ness of it.

The new Britax Safe-n-Sound Tourer offers the perfect portable solution for parents who need to swap their car seat in and out of various vehicles, or for grandparents and minders who want a lightweight, easy to install solution that is simple to remove from their car when not in use.  Designed and made in Australia for the Australian market, the Tourer has the safety features you’d expect from Britax Safe-n-Sound PLUS it’s not expensive with a RRP of only $109.

Here’s my little Miss Fluffy Hair after a busy day at school, looking rather pleased in her new child car seat – which she’ll use until her shoulders reach that white label on the back of the seat.

  Britax Safe n Sound Tourer Booster

Britax and are going to make some lucky Samelia’s Mum readers very happy.

Britax are giving one Samelia’s Mum reader a new Britax Safe-n-Sound Tourer (just like the one pictured above or in black). is giving away 3 NSW child car seat fitting vouchers.

To enter this give away, please leave a comment telling me:

We all know that long car trips can be a little trying with children. What tips do you have to make long car journeys more fun for everyone?


Terms and Conditions: This is a game of skill. Giveaway is open to Australian Residents ONLY. Giveaway will close on Monday 11 August 2014 at 12:00 AEST. The prize will be sent by the promoter/s. Samelia’s Mum will take no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage to prizes sent to winner. Winner/s will be announced on the Samelia's Mum Facebook page and/or contacted by email. The winner has 7 days to claim the prize. If it is not claimed within this time period, it will be forfeited.

Disclaimer: We received a new Britax Safe-n-Sound Tourer for review. All opinions and images are my own.


  1. An organiser that hangs on the back of the chair is a lifesaver, you can pop in drawing items, books, snacks and drinks, all within arms reach for your child to grab whatever they need when they need.

  2. Living so remotely all our car journeys are pretty long. We've found having snacks and drinks handy and sometimes gaming devices on hand too. But good old eye spy gets a workout now that the kids are older.
    But I have to say we are pretty lucky that our kids are really good in the car and we never have much trouble *touchwood*

  3. Portable dvd player and movies, snacks, colouring books and i-spy are great to pass the time.

  4. Very recently we took a trip to the Northern Territory. We drove 7000km return! We started playing alphabet spotto. Looking out the window for items beginning with 'A' etc etc. The kids loved morning tea time, which was always in our first leg of driving. I used to pre-pack their morning tea into little bags so I could just hand it to them to eat in the car. We also love to sing at the top of our voices! We are all tone deaf!

    And I totally agree with the car seat thing. Ryan, same age as Sam, is still in a car seat.

  5. It's always great to have lots of activities planned for long car trips, and to stagger them so there's always something new to do. Little snacks and drinks are great too.
    Lots of fun music to listen to and sing along to. And also make sure they are comfortable enough to have a good nap.

  6. We bought each of our children a cheap MP3 player from Dick Smiths and loaded it with songs and stories. Then we bought a speaker case for each child, from the post office but Officeworks and Smiggle sell one similar. It uses batteries and you can use it as a carry case or speaker. We also bought headphones not earphones for each child and I made a carry bag. For every car trip we have spare batteries for the speakers, a charger for the MP3 and we are set. My children will listen to audio books for as long as the story lasts and we can pause if we stop anywhere. My younger child prefers songs and the Playschool albums while my older child likes the Roald Dahl stories. Best thing we ever bought and the total cost was under $100 all up. Although I did have a lot of story tapes already so I am not including that in the cost.

    1. And for late night trips they have a car warm each, this is a quilt that stores under the seat in front of them and is big enough to cover them, about half a single bed quilt size.

  7. We play our own version of eye spy, as more than half my kids are under 6 and can't quite spell yet, we play "I spy with my little eye, something that is .... colour".. it is awesome so the younger kids can join in and play to, fun for everyone. Also snacks and a couple of breaks at a park or even some grass where they can run and use their energy..

  8. My grandies watch DVD's in there little player or we also play i spy and have so much fun doing that as one is not at school yet and he has the funniest anwsers,lol,thankyou for a chance to win this,it will be so handy for me.xx

  9. We stop every couple of hours to have a break. The children pack a backpack full of activities from drawing to hand held games. We also have an esky full of drinks and snacks :)

  10. Everyone is given a colour and count the cars etc they see with that colour and the winner is the one with the highest total - without cheating ;)

  11. I say make frequent stops,
    Know where the parks are.
    Otherwise you'll want to drop
    The kiddies not near but somewhere far!

  12. I have memorised my son's favourite Dr Suess book, that way I can recite it to him to keep him quite even while I'm driving. No kidding, I recited it over and over for an hour straight one time. It says a lot when that is preferrable to a screaming kid!

  13. Bringing new books or making it fun by playing a fun game like "I spy"! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Singing songs is always a hit as well as the word game On my way to.....I seen a......(you have to say something and then the next person says it with what ever you said & adds something & it goes on until someone forgets something someone saw.

  15. I make up travel packs for them
    With activity books, food and pens
    DVD player, memory cards and more
    A fun filled trip for our family of 4!

  16. I have a huge assortment of Kids CDs in my car they make my ears bleed but they keep the kids entertained especially when mummy dances and sings along.

  17. Good music that everyone can sing along too. Fun karaoke sessions make the trips feel so much shorter!

  18. We keep some special toys that are only for long trips. A barbie with special wings, a car with buttons and sounds, a series of short movies. These items only come out once or twice a year for our marathon trips interstate, and with careful planning, pitstops, and snacks, these special items come out right as the kids are hitting trip fatigue. It makes all the difference and helps to keep everyone in good humour long enough to get to our next stop.

  19. "special" snacks, when we stop for potty breaks everyone gets out and walks around before hitting the road again, color wonder, movies, kids songs cd's