17 June 2014

The Radiant Karate Challenge {Giveaway}

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Radiant

My little guy is a karate kid. It’s actually called TaeKidoKai and it involves a lot of kicking and blocking and punching and yelling and grunting and sparring and push-ups and sit ups. So far, there have been no Ralph Macchio inspired crane moves, but I still have hope. If you follow me on Instagram, you may see these sorts of photos a couple of times a week.

Stitching at TKK

At TaeKidoKai, they wear the classic white martial arts uniforms. With all of the general rolling around on the floor, the uniform is constantly looking grey around the edges. No matter how much washing it gets, it never looks as nice as it did on the first day.

Next Saturday is grading day. It happens once a quarter and is a big day for my little ninja. It’s the day when they go and do their kata in front of the Sensei in the hope of earning a new coloured belt, or in our case, a new stripe at the end of the belt.

When I was offered the opportunity to try out and review the new Radiant laundry products, the first thing which came to mind was the karate uniform. Washing powder which promise brighter colours are great, but for me personally, a washing powder which can make my whites, white (again) is worth it’s weight in gold.

I decided to create my very own Radiant Karate Challenge.

Karate Challenge - Radiant Before

This is the general state of the jacket. It’s grey and not looking super fresh any more. Honestly though, for the amount of money this uniform cost, he’ll keep wearing it until he well and truly grows out of it.

Karate Challenge Sleeves - Radiant Before

Here’s a closer look at the sleeves. A bit yucky. The bottoms of the pants are just as bad.

Radiant is available in 3 great variants: Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours, No-Sort and Sensitive. Yes, you read that right. NO-SORT! How utterly brilliant. Plus, there’s no need to worry about picking up the right packet when shopping, for your specific type of washing machine. The Radiant products are made for both Front and Top Loader machines.

Radiant Variants

The Radiant Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours, come in little pre-measured capsules. The outer plastic just dissolves in the wash. As an “over-scooper”, this makes me very happy. I always end up using too much powder, so these little capsules will provide just the right amount.

Radiant Powder Capsules

But I digress. Back to the Karate Challenge. The uniform was washed in cold water and then put through the tumble dryer last night. This morning, I took some “after” photos.

Karate Challenge - Radiant After

Overall, the jacket is much whiter and cleaner. It no longer has that awful all-over greyness about it.

And the sleeves, I hear you ask? Well, the sleeves are the about 1000% better. Here’s a close up of the same sleeve in the first “before” photo.

Karate Challenge Sleeves - Radiant After

With a shiny and white, super clean uniform, I’ve done my part. All that is left to do, is my little man to do his best and bring home his new belt stripe.

Radiant have recently undertaken an audacious ‘Radiant Return’ experiment . 
The basis of the experiment saw a real family (the 2 hero guys are best friends and the girl is the girlfriend of one of the guys), buy actual clothes from stores, torture the clothing in some extreme “tests”, wash them in real domestic conditions (their actual house) and return them to unsuspecting retail assistants. The owners of the stores were aware of the experiment and gave their permission, but the shop assistants had no idea. Their reactions are priceless.

You can watch the Radiant Return Challenge videos here. I especially love the football tackling practice video (episode 2).

With thanks to Radiant, one very lucky Samelia’s Mum reader will win a Radiant Prize Pack which includes a years supply of Radiant product.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling me:

Which items in your laundry basket do you find most difficult to get clean?

* Please note, if you do not log into your Google account to comment, please include your email address in your response.

Please view the Terms and Conditions HERE before entering the give away.


  1. Your whites look awesome. I am sure your small man will be pleased.
    My cleaning issue is my white work shirts. That permanent greyness - not to mention the coffee or beetroot that only ever falls on my white clothes. I avoid white if I have a choice but sometimes it is not up to me. What a great giveaway

  2. Sam is doing so well with his marshall arts,and i find my husbands work clothes the hardest to clean as they are covered in dirt and oil.xx

  3. No sort - are you serious? That is honestly something that I won't believe until I see it! My most difficult items of clothing are not the cricket whites (which can appropriately be named cricket browns and greens), the football gear or the white socks that have been walked around in in the backyard for four hours and now look like they have their own sole. No, it is the school shirts that have PAINT on them!!!! I just cannot get it off!

  4. With both football and cricket played here, I'm not sure which is worse. The muddy footy gear or the grass stains on the cricket whites!

  5. I find long pyjama pants the worst; the kids wear them all the time, inside and out. It's not like they have no other clothes, they tell me their jamies are the most comfy. The end result is, the bottom cuffs get horrible, a permanent brown-mud colour and tatty. I know Radiant can't fix the tatty look (or can it ;) , but if it cleans that horrible colour, I will be a very happy woman.

  6. Greasy mechanic's overalls and my children's art and craft smocks

  7. Definitely whites. My daughter work for Qantas and they are fussy about the uniforms looking good. I'm finding her new white shirts become discoloured where they rub against the dark navy waistcoat. Makes them look dirty when they're not.

  8. My partners workshirts...that horrible hi vis crap + grease from the crane = always filthy shirts :/ would love to get his shirts respectable.

  9. The most difficult, impossible, to clean are white socks. The soil here is rich, RED volcanic soil. Great for the garden, but not for clothing.


  10. My hubbys side of the bed sheet and pillowcase are always greasy looking and grey even after only a couple of days lying on them makes me shake my head every time I have to change the sheets :( Barb.

  11. White shirts. All my boys wear white shirts on Sundays and it can be very embarassing when they go the horrible grey color. People mention "bluo" to me and I grit my teeth. Plus the football and cricket clothes. It looks like Radiant has done a terrific job on the cuffs.

  12. I've washed my fair share of gi's but no longer have to do this. Now, I just struggle with whites, in general. Seems like even a pre-soak doesn't get the dull yellow and gray out of the whites. I'd love to try this product!

  13. My husbands shirt collars and cuffs seem to go yellow/brown so quickly even a 90 degree wash doesn;t get them out

    1. Try putting a bit of shampoo on the collars and cuffs~works really well.

  14. My husband works in the dairy industry. He repairs milking equipment. He always gets manure stains on his uniforms. They are impossible to get completely out. They always leave a slight yellow stain. I would love to find a product that gets the stain and the odor out.

  15. My son does Tae Kwon Do, so I know how hard it is to keep them clean. I think they gave the cleaner the sack when they realised that the kids sweep up all the crap on the floor with their uniforms every week! I also made a mistake one time by washing his uniform with something red, there was no way he was going to go to Tae Kwon Do with a pink uniform!!


  16. I think all the swim wear from the summer fun is some of the hardest things to keep bright

  17. Let me indulge you in this short rhyme
    I’ll take you back to once upon a time
    A mother bought school socks, whiter than white
    They looked so clean, so crisp, so bright
    But after a few wears, the socks gathered dirt
    And mother, she scrubbed and scrubbed til it hurt
    But try as she might, the socks stayed black
    She knew in her heart there was no going back
    She’s tried liquids, and powders, even laundry soap
    Maybe RADIANT will revive them and give mother hope!

  18. Pretty much anything my 18 month old wears. Being a very adventurous little boy he likes to get messy (it's the best kind of fun), however his clothes suffer as a result and new clothes never look new for long.

  19. Is this product environmentally friendly? I sometimes wonder why we want things to be white as this does not necessarily mean that they are any cleaner. Sorry, just making an enquiry as I only purchase products that aren't heavily scented and are safe for the waterways etc. Please enlighten me.

  20. I find my kids' pants with grass stained knees hard to get back to normal and also the neck and cuffs of my husband's shirts.

  21. My husband's work clothes that are covered in iron ore dust and grease! Its quite a job to get it all out.


  22. I pressure hosed the driveway last week,
    But even my overalls look bleak.
    Those odd home jobs need clothes cleaned,
    And your results look like a dream!

  23. socks socks socks and more socks

  24. School whites are my struggle - socks and formal shorts.

  25. Anything my 5 year old boy wears. I've never known a child to be able to get clothes so dirty!

  26. My boy loves fruit juice and tomato sauce. If his light color clothes have these stains, it's pretty hard to remove them completely.

  27. Sweat stains from the underarms area of clothes & stains of grass plus mud together are very difficult ( just impossible) to clean.

  28. Grass stains and general work stains on both mine and hubbies clothes - not to mention the teenagers!

  29. My daughters school shirts and socks are always stained and i can't get them out. Also my son is just learning to eat after 4 years so his clothes are filthy aswell. I would love to try Radiant to see how it goes.

  30. My sons white school shirts, can never really get them white!

  31. I struggle with spaghetti bolognese stains on my son's clothes.

  32. The spaghetti sauce out of my tshirts. No matter how careful I am I always seem to slop some sauce on a top, moving to Melbourne and scarves come in handy to cover the mess when out. At home I take it off and sray with stuff before washing but the stain doesn't always come out

  33. Spilt coffee on the doona, there's one in the washing machine again right now!

  34. My tea towels!! I hate that even though they are clean, they still look grubby! Yuck!

  35. My daughter has a knitted cardigan that got mud on it. I have been perpetually soaking and washing it for ages. It is slowly getting cleaner, but because it is knitted, I don't want to scrub it.With three little kids who know how to mess up their clothes, I am never short of something to clean

  36. My kids socks , they are always so dirty & faded looking .

  37. One of my daughters works in the fast food industry so there is oil and sauce stains on her work clothing that is often really hard to get out completely.

  38. Anything white it's my nightmare..yikes


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