I’ve been making zipper pouches. What began as a challenge by one of the ladies at my sewing group, turned into a little bit of a frenzy.

I used the Open Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial by Noodle Head. It is excellent. The instructions are easy to follow and the photos take even the most fearful of zipper sewists through the steps easily.

So I made pouch first of all. The 3 little pigs fabrics are just the cutest and they’re scraps which I swiped from a friend who came over to learn how to make her first quilt.

Zipper Pouch Tutorial 1


The inside just turned out so well too. I was immensely pleased with it and myself.


Zipper Pouch Inside 1


So that same evening (well, if you call 11:30pm evening), feeling supremely confident, I made another one. This time I used a stitchery which my daughter had been working on. She wasn’t sure what to do with it after she’d stitched it, so I decided it needed to be incorporated into another zipper pouch.


Zipper Pouch - Stitched


I decided that I’d be relaxed and not follow the tutorial so closely. With this pouch, rather than use 4 pieces (2 outer and 2 lining), I used a long patched outer piece and a long lining piece. And it worked. I was on a roll! I was a zipper pouch convert.

The next day, I thought I’d have a go at a little applique and incorporate it into a zipper pouch. I have a “thing” for flamingos so decided I’d try my hand an drawing one up and appliqueing it. The result is respectable, though my flamingo sure has chubby thighs… compared with his relatives.

The linen was cut from a pair of linen pants which I bought at Big W for $2 at the end of season sales. Linen is expensive and so I figured that cutting up the cheap linen pants would be a good alternative.


Zipper Pouch Flamingo


The flamingo one is a taller narrower pouch. The one has the end of the zipper tucked into the seam which is a little different from the other two. I like this one and will certainly find a use for it.

In other news, a friend had a baby boy just recently. As a quilter, the second best part (other than cuddles) about a friend having a baby is that I get to make the baby a quilt. It’s a boy so I’ve used bright, neutral-ish colours for this quick quilt. I’ve used this 4xFQ quilt pattern on numerous occasions for many babies. It’s a great go-to pattern for when I need to whip up a quick quilt.


4 FQ Quilt


In other news, I’ve become a little obsessed with baking bread in the bread machine. Just under 2 cups of water, 4 cups of plain flour, 2 tsps of dry yeast and a pinch of salt and the machine does the rest.


Fresh Baked Bread


Is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked bread?

Have you made any zipper pouches lately?

Any new babies in your life that need quilts?


  1. Your pouches look great, Anorina. I love the one with the stitchery Amelia had stitched. What a wonderful job she did of the stitching. I bet she loves it in the pouch.

  2. they are all awesome Anorina you are so clever,hey when are you flying out.xx

  3. I must pop on over to take a look at that zipper pouch tutorial, I bought a bag of zips on etsy of every colour of the rainbow, so now I need some projects for them. I love the flamingo one the best.

  4. Oh I love zipper pouches and fresh, soft white bread (unsliced so that I can cut a big fat slice off and smother it with butter!). No new babies at the moment (though I really like the pattern you used for your recent baby quilt - I have some fat quarters that would be great). The stitchery pouch - your daughter did such a beautiful job - and the flamingo pouches are adorable.

  5. Very nice. I think your flamingo is lovely.

    I have seen the zipper pouches out there in cyberspace, I really should just give it a go. :P

  6. Must give the pouches a try! What size is the baby quilt and is the pattern available somewhere? I have a baby grandson due in August, I'm sewing a wall hanging with a fire truck as Daddy is a CFA volunteer. Take care......Annette

  7. These are simply adorable pouches. I keep meaning to try one but can't seem to find the time as other projects are pressing. Ie. friends baby due anyday and need to make the quilt.

  8. love your flamingo pouch and a great way to find linen! I have a new grandiebaby due in November which I am making for.... fun....

  9. I love zippered pouches google boxy pouch think that's the name it is great too. what is the recipe for bread? I have only ever used a bread mix and they come out pretty heavy


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