Mothers Day : Gift Ideas {Books}

In Australia and the US, Mothers Day is this weekend. If you’re looking for a crafty mother (or for yourself), here are a few of the latest books, which will be well received.

Quilting with a Modern Slant

people, patterns and techniques inspiring the modern quilt community

By Rachel May

Quilting with a Modern Slant


Rather than being a quilting how-to style of book, this is more of a biography of the quilters of today. Modern quilters who have taken the traditional styles and made them new again.

Quilters who inspire us through their blogs.

Quilters who inspire us with the images they share on Pinterest, Flickr or Instagram.

Quilters who inspire us through their videos on YouTube or Craftsy.

These quilters, who just like us, saw they something they liked and decided to have a go at it.


Quilting with a Modern Slant 2


The list of contributors is very, very, long, and includes the stories of people like Valori Wells, Jacquie Gering, Sarah Fielke, Geta Grama, Allison Harris, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Thomas Knauer…

Quilting with a Modern Slant includes a few projects, but I honestly don’t think that the projects are the main reason for purchasing this book. Rather, it’s the stories.


Quilting with a modern slant 1


I really enjoyed this book. Normally, when I receive new books, I flick through a book and look at the pretty pictures and projects. Quilting with a Modern Slant captured my attention and I found myself reading (not just flicking) and being inspired to get into my sewing studio and create.

Quilting with a Modern Slant is available from Can Do Books and Booktopia.

ISBN: 9781612120638  /  Format: Paperback  /  Number Of Pages: 224




Tea Cozies 4

By Emma Varnam

Tea Cozies 4


The wonderful thing about tea cozies is that they can be made in a dazzling array of styles and colours. There’s something to suit every personality and every home decor, from minimalist to wildly exuberant.

This fourth tea-cozy title contains 30 innovative knitting and crochet designs from experienced yarn-craft authors. They are designed to fit an average six-cup teapot and honestly, are such fun that you’ll want to have a go at making them all.


Tea Cozies 4 Nurse


Tea Cozies 2


What a wonderful book! The instructions are comprehensive and each tea-cozy pattern includes multiple pictures. I like a lot of pictures in my craft books – especially bright colourful ones.

If you have a tea drinking yarn-crafter in your life, they will undoubtedly love this book. It will be a treasured addition to their craft library.

Tea Cozies 4 is available at Can Do Books and currently on sale at Booktopia.




The Essential Tea Companion

Favourite Recipes for Tea Parties and Celebrations

By Victoria Magazine

Explore the many joys of teatime with recipes for sublime teas and classic treats, charming party suggestions and ideas for building an exquisite collection of cups, saucers and teapots. It’s all served up with stunning photographs what pay homage to a gracious ritual.


The Essential Tea Companion


What a charming book! Beautiful photographs. Delicious recipes. And we learn all about the history of the tea making ritual.


The Essential Tea Companion 1


The Essential Tea Companion delves into the tea cups and china (or porcelain) used. Favoured brands and patterns over the years. And we learn how to make THE perfect cup of tea.

I’m a person who buys tea bags, dunks them into the hot water a few times, adds milk and am ready to drink. There is so much more I need to learn about one of the world’s favourite beverages.

The Essential Tea Companion discusses tea blends and which tea goes best with which food. As I said, there is so much I need to learn.

The second half of the book is dedicated to recipes. Yummy plates which go well with teas.

Stilton, Pear and Watercress Savoury Toasts

Poppy Seed Jam Tarts

Orange Marmalade Cake

Rose Petal Scones

Lemon Thyme Bread

Childrens tea parties are covered as are other uses for tea. Perfect books to read while drinking tea. Excuses to host a tea party and the perfect gifts for tea lovers.

This book is just lovely. Absolutely lovely. I want to learn all about the perfect high tea and I want to bake and make everything in this book. Did I mention this book is lovely?

The Essential Tea Companion is available and currently on sale at Booktopia.




Cross-stitch projects to make a statement

By Sarah Fordham




Sarah Fordham’s new book shares her love of cross stitching and she hopes to convert a few cross stitch haters to love this craft as much as she does.

X-Stitch is divided into 5 main chapters.

It begins with the “Getting Started” section, covering all of the basic tools required and understanding the cross stitch charts.

The second section is where we find the cross stitch charts. The patterns to use in the projects.


X-Stitch 2


Chapters 3 is the place to find the VERY easy projects. Cute items to make which include buttons, badges and even a greeting card.


X-Stitch 1


Chapter 4 is the next stage in difficulty. Projects include coasters, a gadget case and an eye mask.

Chapter 5 is the place for the trickier projects. Customized shoes, a tote bag and a watch strap are some of the more complex projects on offer.


X-Stitch 3


The back of the book has a few pages of graph paper – perfect for the cross stitcher to create their own designs and projects.

This is a comprehensive guide for anyone wanting to learn how to cross stitch or the person who’d like to step away from the standard charts and learn how to create their own fun designs.

Excellent pictures make this book very enjoyable to peruse and get excited about cross-stitching.

X-Stitch is available through Booktopia and Can Do Books.

ISBN: 9781861089069  /  Format: Paperback  /  Number Of Pages: 144

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