19 February 2014

Learning to Sew

My daughter loves art and craft. Since the time she could pick up a pencil, she’s always creating, drawing, colouring, gluing, cutting, embellishing… etc… Some parents hate craft, but I’m the opposite and we embrace all things creative in our home.

It was only a matter of time before she wanted to learn how to sew. Last year, we started with some handwork. She drew a picture, which we transferred onto fabric and I showed her a simple backstitch which she enjoyed working on - in short bursts.

For Christmas, my dad made her a cot for her baby dolls. She was eager to make them a baby blanket, but we never got around to starting. The Christmas holidays are busy busy busy. A few weeks later, my birthday came and went. I received many beautiful cards which I have hanging on the vertical blind in my sewing room. One of the cards had a cute owl on the front, which she was quite taken with.


1. Learning to Stitch


When she again told me she wanted to sew something, we decided to trace the owl and practise stitching again. It’s amazing the difference a few months makes. Her stitches are almost perfect and she took great pleasure in going through my bowl of perle 8 cottons, to choose her colours.

The owl stitchery was finished and we thought that we might use it in the centre of a baby blanket for her dolls, but school started again and life just got busy.

Last weekend, it was wet, dreary and rainy. We decided to have some home days. FlyBoy was away on a work trip. My little man was busy constructing LEGO.


2. Learning to Stitch


So Amelia and I decided we’d sew. I was brave, and she was finally allowed to have a go on my sewing machine. Luckily, my machine has a speed dial, so I took it down to a turtle pace while she lined up her edges and pressed the pedal. Oh the squeals of excitement!

We decided to use her owl stitchery in a pyjama pillow. She chose the colours. Did some of the machine sewing. And by the end of the weekend, she had a lovely new pillow which she’d helped make.


3. Learning to Sew


She carts it around the house and lays on when she’s on the lounge, then takes it to her bedroom at night to put at the end of her bed, in readiness for pyjama storage the next morning.

Tomorrow is her “news” day at school. She’s planning on taking in her pillow to show the class.

I’m so proud of her and pleased that she’s proud of her work.

Next up, she’s making a pyjama pillow for her brother and has started stitching the Minecraft Logo onto some green background fabric.


Does your child like to sew?

How did they learn?


  1. Great job Milly!!! Looking forward to seeing her minecraft creation.

  2. Oh wow! great stitching. My 5yo granddaughter loves to play when she visits, she is currently working on an Owl also, but a little felt kit that I found in Kmart, its more basic than what your daughter is doing, but its lovely that they want to start!! Look forward to seeing the Minecraft creation also.

  3. WOW Amelia! You have done a fantastic job on your cushion. Well done!

  4. oh that is awesome i love seeing kiddies get into sewing and your young lady has done a mighty jog,well done Amelia.xx

  5. OMG...that is such an awesome work the little one did. I always wish every girl should learn to sew. I started my small bit of hand embroidery when i was 8 yrs..and i got my own sewing machine when i was in 6th grade...but now i see moms around me don't want to teach their girls sew...I'm very happy to see this ..and proud of your little girl.

  6. Wow, love it. What a great job on the stitchery! Great job Amelia, lots of patience and encouragement needed. Some mums can't be bothered.

  7. Bless her, I love her owl!
    The colours shes used make him look a really happy little soul and centred like that on the cushion sets him off to perfection.
    Not at all surprised your proud of her stitchy results and we can look forward to seeing more from her am sure!

  8. what a HOOT of an owl, love it! I have a thing with owls too.... I did an embroidered owl block into a quilt too last year....

  9. Wonderfully amazing!!! Amelia is in the early stages of being an expert crafter, and all thanks to an inspiring environment and her Mum!!

  10. She has done a brilliant job of the owl and her pyjama pillow. I just love her sweet excited face in the photo with the pillow.. She should be very proud of herself. love it!!!!

  11. clever is she! Gorgeous pillow!

  12. that is awesome well done Amelia. Beautiful stitching on the owl


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