16 December 2013

Wet Weekend

It was a wet weekend and admittedly, I do love that sort of weather.

The kids went to a birthday party for most of Saturday, so I spent the afternoon with my parents. I even talked mum into some shopping, before I went to collect my little hyper, sugar-filled minions.

Sunday was a quiet one at home. The drizzle had set in - for the long haul.

Hubby is English and I often tell him that we must spend at least one Christmas in London. I have romantic notions of snow and carolers (sp?) and wood fires and chestnuts... you know. All those things you see on television.

He tells me that Christmas in London is much like it was here yesterday. Drizzly, dark by 4pm and about 20 degrees c colder. Hmmm.!.

They day was spent playing with LEGO Chima and HAMA beads.

Little lady and I decided to make some tree ornaments.

The weekend ended with a little bit of tidying and preparing for the last few days of school before breaking up for the summer.

How was your weekend?

Did you accomplish lots or have a quiet one, like we did?

Does it snow at Christmas, where you live?


  1. what a wonderful way to spend a wet weekend Anorina.xx

  2. Christmas on the West Coast of Canada sounds like it would be much like London; wet, rainy, dark by 4 p.m. The weatherman tells us we might have a slight chance of a White Christmas this year!

  3. My mum is English and I have dreams of a white Christmas and chestnuts by the fire. The heat of queensland along with being pregnant makes me think this would be the perfect year to go!

  4. Christmas in England is fun with all the lights, because it gets dark so early they're much more prominent! I even love them in the rain... like you, the rain and dark skies are great, so comforting some how?! I'm sure that romanticism is better than reality however. I've been in Aus for ten years now and still miss a UK Xmas. But if I went back I'd miss Carols by Candle light and the smell of air-con!! Wishing you the best of Christmases! Vikki xo ;-)

  5. The snow and chestnuts sound lovely but for now I would just settle for some rain, drizzly or otherwise in WA! All we've had is hot, hot and more hot.

    1. Yes, it’s been scorching over there. I keep thinking how hot the cricketers would be out in the sun.
      Hope it cools a little for you soon.
      The rain finally stopped here and the sun is out today, so it’s very very huuuuuuuumid. Urgh.

  6. My mum spent her first twenty-two .christmas Days in London. She only remembers one white Christmas -- it usually doesn't snow until a few weeks later! I'd like, one day, to do a NY Christmas -- Radio City Music Hall, the Rockefeller Center, etc! But, only problem is, I dislike cold intensely!


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