Pyjama Pillows

I've been busy, busy, busy making gifts for Christmas.

Teacher pillows, which the kids proudly gave their teachers this week and which were well received.

I've also been busy finishing some custom orders. These cute, pyjama pillows were ordered by a friend, to co-ordinate with the girls rooms.

I hope the recipients like them. Personally, I love how they've turned out and I have to admit that the "Jada" one is my favourite. I just love the colours.

The back of these pyjama pillows has a sleeve, where the child can tuck in their pj's or nightie... well, that's the plan anyways.

Are you giving handmade this Christmas?

Are you finished your projects?


  1. They're gorgeous. Shelby is my favourite. I used to have a cat's face pyjama case a decade or two (or five) ago!

  2. oh Anorina these are so cute,what a wonderful present to receive.xx

  3. These are a great idea. I have made stockings, fabric baskets, a bag, and a lap quilt.

  4. Always so hard to know what to give the teachers - I always tried to think outside the square, after all they could end up with 20+ presents at the end of the year!! Your pillows are a great idea and the ones for the little girls are gorgeous!

  5. These are precious. I am through with the "have to" part of Christmas but I really want to make some cloth napkins to give a friend tomorrow. We'll see. Merry Christmas!

  6. These pillows are SO cute! I'm thinking of making something similar for my grandkids for their birthdays this year. Did you use pillow forms and if so, what size did you use? Happy New Year!


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