22 November 2013

Hidden Kitchens of Sri Lanka {Review}

Hidden Kitchens of Sri Lanka by Bree Hutchins, is an evocative journey through Sri Lanka, with heartfelt stories of people who opened their kitchens and their hearts to this intrepid photographer and writer.


Hidden Kitchens of Sri Lanka Cover


Take an evocative journey into the heart of the real Sri Lanka with intrepid photographer and writer, Bree Hutchins. With a voracious appetite for all things culinary and an undaunting spirit of adventure, Bree ventures into areas where most foreigners don't go, seeking out the hidden kitchens of Sri Lanka.


This is less a cook book and more a food journey through Sri Lanka.  It shares the stories of people, regions, religions and celebrations – and how food is an important part in all of these.


HKSL Family


Loosely the book is broken into regions. There are so many little stories that grab your imagination, brought to life with some fantastic vibrant photos.


HKSL Lights


We meet the street vendors in Colombo, selling teas and fast food.  Family and religious celebrations with curries, rice and eating with your fingers (apparently for good luck). 

One of my favourite are the tea picking ladies lunch, what looks like bottle of alcohol being consumed is hot sweet tea as they eat the lunches prepared by their mothers or mother in laws.


HKSL Biryani


Of course there are lots recipes in there to try.  I was amazed that it was less about curry, but more about small bight sized foods that combine into meals.  I know fly boy has already flicked through the pages and given me a few things he would like to try.


HKSL Manioc


Hidden Kitchens of Sri Lanka would make a beautiful Christmas gift for a foodie or a traveller (or both). It’s stunning and filled with information, fun facts, personal stories and food, glorious food.


ISBN: 9781743360552

Australian Pub.: November 2013

Publisher: Murdoch Books

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book to review. All thoughts and images are my own.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing this book. I was peeking in on your blog, like I often do, and saw this review and immediately found a way to get this for my son. He served as a missionary in Sri Lanka for about a year and a half. The book arrived today and he LOVES it. It brings back so many memories for him and he is excited to try the recipes. Who would have thought that a browse through one of my favorite quilting blogs would bring my attention to such a wonderful book for my son?


Thank you for your comment.