01 October 2013

Colour Catcher = Save a Quilt {Giveaway CLOSED}

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As a quilter, one of my fears is colour bleeding in a quilt. A quilt takes hours and hours to complete and can be quickly ruined in a wash if the darker dyed fabrics bleed onto the white fabrics. Sadly, I learnt this the hard way when I first started this craft.

When I was approached to try out Colour Catchers in my wash, I was excited. Yes, really. I was excited by the thought of heading into my laundry and doing some washing.

Before I go any further, I have to admit that washing quilts is a completely different thing to regular washing. It’s like ironing. How awful is it to iron clothes? Yet I’d happily sit there and iron pretty fabrics and quilt blocks for hours.

Colour Catcher is a product which prevents colour from running in washing machine cycles and allows coloured and whites being washed together. The colour catcher sheet attracts the excess dyes (from the dark fabrics) released during the washing process and absorbs them, before they have the ability to transfer onto the lighter fabrics.

At the end of the wash the sheets change colour giving the proof of the dye absorption, while the white (or light fabrics) remain white and bright.

I put my newest quilt into the washing machine. It is my Bohemian Star quilt which just arrived back home after it’s photo shoot and appearance in the latest Down Under Quilts magazine. It’s a queen size quilt and will live on the bed in the guest bedroom.

Bohemian Star 4

Bohemian Star Quilt DUQ

I added a little bit of washing powder and popped the Colour Catcher sheet into the washing machine.

Colour Catcher

Hold my breath. Power on. Press start. Time to test whether this little sheet would keep all of those red and blue print fabrics from bleeding into the white fabric… and ruining my quilt.

I did a quick wash and when I heard the machine beep that it had finished I was there in a flash, getting that wet quilt out of the machine and spread open to see what had happened. To my relief it all looked okay so I popped it into the dryer to spin and get all lovely and fluffy and crinkly.

And then I got the colour catcher out from the bottom of the washing machine, where it was waiting patiently for me. And all I could think was “wow”. 

Colour Catcher in Quilting

I was amazed. Absolutely thrilled that this little white sheet, did it’s job and caught all of red and brown dyes before they could attach themselves to the white fabric.

Quilters – you must get yourselves a pack of Colour Catchers. They will save a lot of heart ache (and even tears). Really!

Visit the Colour Catcher page on Facebook - the 'Where to Buy' tab that includes all the stockists nationwide.

Colour Catcher (2)

For the chance to win one of 10 x Colour Catcher packs, tell me:

What is your worst washing (laundry) incident?

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2. Giveaway will close at 5pm on Friday 4 October 2013 AEST.
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  1. I LOVE the colour catchers!!! Wish I'd have had them when I made and washed a pink baby quilt using hand dyed pink and purple fabrics (that I had bought, not coloured myself, and also pre-washed!)... not a pretty sight when the finished quilt came out of the machine :( ..

  2. I've used the colour catchers before. They are great. I suppose my worst laundry disaster was when I missed a tissue in someone's pocket (I always use hankies) in a dark load! Everything was covered in tissue bits. It took about 3 more washes and lots of fluff brushing to fix them all up.

  3. It's great to see the colour catchers did the job they claim to do! Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous and it would have been a real shame if it was ruined.

    My worst laundry disaster was when I was a younger, less experienced quilter. Some quilters out there are bossy and downright mean about pre-washing everything. I took it to heart and washed the first stack of pre-cuts I bought. The smaller pieces got caught in the lint filter and jammed up the machine - I heard beeps and flashing error lights that I'd never seen before! Luckily my husband knew how to fix it, but the fabric went weird and distorted.

  4. I have used colour catchers and I agree They are fantastic
    I made a quilt for my Aunts birthday fairly recently I noticed a dirty mark on it so, not wanting to wash the whole quilt I decided to sponge it out To my horror I wet the coloured fabric and it ran into the white
    I give colour catchers with the quilts I give away now

  5. I won't wash quilts without Colour catches! My worse laundry disaster is when I washed a bunch of white clothes with a new red shirt. I turned everything, including my son's white at shirts pink. Thanks for the chance to win

  6. I bought new towels, washed them and the turquoise one ran, my nice white towel is a pale shade of blue, the pale lemon is sort green, well at least they still dry just a little different in colour

  7. Made a gorgeous, brightly coloured shaggy quilt. Washed it and ALL the colours run together :-( Ended up looking like baby vomit.

  8. My worse washing disaster was my brand new white work shirt, with my denim jeans (that had been washed a million times and surely couldn't run) - my work shirt is grey.
    Yes, colour catchers are a life send, if I could just remember to put them in the machine.

  9. Wish I'd known about colour catchers when I stupidly put my new black jeans and new black and white top together in a bucket ready for hand washing. The nice splotchy black and white pattern on the top turned into a less nice black and white and grey splotchy pattern. Definitely a steep learning curve.

  10. I would love to try these colour catchers. The Indonesian fabric I use is notorious for colour running. Thanks for the chance! (I have an Aussie address)

  11. I'm paranoid about colours running too ... after all that hard work, it would be such a shame to ruin a quilt with colours running. Fortunately, it's not happened to me thus far (touch wood!), but I'd love to try out the colour catchers. My worst laundry incident would have to be when the washing machine tube came out of the sink hole and I ended up with a flooded laundry, ugh!!!

  12. The seal breaking in the washer covering all the clothes with splashes of dark grease and covering everything a greyish colour

  13. my husband's mum had hand knitted a beautiful cardigan for him and i washed it. We are talking 30 yrs ago. I put it out to dry and could not believe my eyes.It probably would have fittd our new born son.I had used lovely wool mix , just left the heat up a tad too high. EEK!

  14. When travelling on holidays we had few opportunities to do our laundry. I was silly enough to put a pair of jeans in with some white and light coloured singlets and underwear. Yes, we had yucky blue/grey coloured undies to wear the rest of our holidays. Hmmm - at least it wasnt outer clothes.
    I recently bought a packet of colour catchers but havent tried them out yet - must do so.

  15. I use these all the time... I had a quilt I made for my cousin's son last fall with a red backing fabric. Even though I had pre washed it before cutting it bled thorough and turned my light pinks pink. A few more washes with the Color Catchers saved the quilt (and I sent a few to my cousin along with the quilt just in case).

  16. I agree, they are great, I used them for my washing for years. However, a word of caution - you should put them in one of those little mesh bags you can get for delicates. Ask me how I know? My washing machine started playing up, it would be on a 40 minute cycle for 3 hours, kind of stuff. When the repairman came out, he pulled a colour catcher out of the rear tube where it had got stuff and stopped the machine from draining properly. He advised using the mesh bag and says colour catchers account for a lot of his call outs!! Not sure if this is an issue in Aussie washing machines, over here we all use front loaders so perhaps top loaders are safe?

  17. My worst washing disaster was bleaching my daughter's favorite t-shirt. Thanks for showing us the color catcher. I have to go buy some now!

  18. Back when we first got married, I managed to turn one of my hubby's Tshirts pink in a load! He was not impressed! But I learnt my lesson and was very careful after that ;o)

  19. Many years ago I hand washed a piece of hardanger thread on crisp white fabric. I now hand wash red threads before I use them on anything that is going to be washed!!

  20. Trying to get the skiddies out of Sam's jocks!

  21. My Aunty made a beautiful knitted cardigan for my new born daughter out of pure wool and somehow by accident it went in with a normal wash instead of being hand washed...I cried when I realised what I had was now a cardy for a doll...since then I have been very careful to separate anything that needs to be hand washed. Ohh I have turned my boys jocks a lovely shade of pink as well LOL..colour catches would be handy to have in the laundry....LindaB

  22. I mixed NEW clothes with WHITE TOWELS - Now that was a Disaster I will never forget about because my husband still talks about it while he does the washing.

  23. My worst disaster was on a quilt I had made for the Bor Orphanage in Africa. It was red aqua and white before I washed it. Needless to say it didn't come out that way after washing. I cried and then got to washing and stoking and rehashing. It was never te same and I was and still am very wary of red fabric.

  24. When I was a lot younger, I thought I'd brighten up my washing by putting a capful of bleach in with the wash.....aaargh ....what a disaster!!!!! You can imagine.....lesson well learnt!
    xo sugary hugs :o)

  25. Too funny. I'm not sure I'm smart enough to only have one incident. I've had far too many incidents with kleenex left in a pocket, a tube of lipstick (totally ruined my husband's dress shirt) and then there was the incident of not pre-washing quilt fabrics and the red bled on to the white of a finished quilt (before Color catchers). I'm a big fan of color catchers. Glad you like them too!


    Your quilt is inspirational. Love it.

  26. Your quilt is really wonderful, it must be a real buzz to see your work in a magazine. It's amazing how those colour catchers work. I can't think of any recent colour mishaps because I try to be careful with my washing. A merino wool jumper went in recently and shrunk to a teeny weeny size, I was a bit upset at fist but then thought a few more washes and I can use it as wool felt. :)

  27. Threads running in a stitchery is the bain of my existence. I am currently doing a stitchery about A3 with a red/brown variegated thread & if that runs on to the white background I think I will cry. To avoid the tears I'm going to check on the FB page & see where I can buy some of these!