26 September 2013

LEGO Castle - Gold Getaway {GIVEAWAY}

LEGO has gone all medieval with their fun new packs. LEGO Castle has everything you need to construct your own adventure including castles, knights, dragons, wizards, princesses and secret treasures.

Lego Castle

The King’s castle is under attack from the Dragon knights, and he needs your help to save his people! Fight to save the King’s gold and protect the kingdom! Then travel to Dragon Mountain to battle the fire-breathing  monster and pry the King’s gold from his clutches. Knock the Dragon soldier off the steps of the tower to rescue the fair princess from the dungeons!

When Sam opened his review pack of LEGO Castle, it was actually daddy who was more excited.

You see, LEGO Castle has been revamped for 2013, but hubby had the exact same LEGO pack when he was Sam’s age. It was lovely to see them sit down together and build their horse drawn carriage and characters.

Lego Castle Black

Hubby was 7 again and Sam couldn’t get his head around the thought of dad being 7 and playing with LEGO.

Lego Castle White

The LEGO Castle range includes:
Forest Ambush $12.99
Repel the Dragon soldier Forest Ambush with a falling tree function, flick missile, armoured cart and treasure chest with treasure and gold!
Gold Getaway $29.99
Stop the Gold Getaway with a horse-drawn prison carriage, cell door bust-out function, treasure, flick-missile crossbow and 3 minifigures!
The Gatehouse Raid $39.99Repel the Dragon Knight’s Gatehouse Raid with an armoured horse,
catapults, tower, opening gate, weapons and 4 minifigures!
Dragon Mountain $69.99Travel to Dragon Mountain to battle its fire-breathing guardian! Load up the large catapult and fire it at the dragon’s tower! Defeat the dragon and the Dragon Wizard! Search for the King’s stolen gold hidden in the dragon’s nest and find the secret potion room. Then overpower the Dragon soldier on the steps of the tower and rescue the princess from the dark dungeon!
King’s Castle $139.99Protect the King and his people from the Dragon soldiers at the King’s Castle! Fire the catapult, lower the drawbridge, raise the gate and lead the charge with the fearless White Knight on his armoured horse! Stop the Dragon soldiers before they use the deadly battering ram and catapult weapon.

If your little (or big) LEGO builder loves all things medieval, they would most likely love this range. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s definitely time to start thinking about what to buy.

Sam has his heart set on a LEGO City airplane / airport and it doing his best to be really, really, REALLY good in the hope that Santa notices his good behaviour. Let’s see how he goes.

With thanks to LEGO, I have 4 x LEGO Castle - Gold Getaway (valued at $29.99 each) to give away.

Lego castles gold getaway

We know what Sam wants for Christmas.

What would you like Santa to bring your for Christmas?

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5. Winner/s will be announced on the Samelia's Mum Facebook page and/or contacted by email.


  1. what a lovely giveaway Anorina,i would like santa to bring me some more fabric for my stash,lol.xx

  2. Thanks for another great giveaway, I have two boys that would love of these Lego sets for Chrissy - Me I would love a new sewing machine or just some more fabric!!

  3. Great giveaway,Anorina.
    I'd like lots of time please Santa!

  4. That looks like an awesome lego pack, Anorina. I think I would like a new medium sized pair of fabric scissors that cut well.

  5. Great giveaway! My nephew is obsessed with Lego!

  6. Legos rock, I know they are on my kids list from Santa

  7. Hey! I just got Lego in the mail! I didn't even realise I had won this one!!!! Thank you!

    (Did you tell me and I completely forgot? That is entirely possible…)


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