Princesses and Heroes

Today, we decreed to be, “Disney Day”. The kids dressed themselves in their finest Disney clothes. Amelia in Tinkerbell top and Sam wore his brand new Planes shirt (which daddy bought for him in the U.S last month).

We hopped into the car and headed up to Allphones Arena, Sydney Olympic Park. After much waiting, the day had finally arrived. We were heading to Disney On Ice presents Princesses and Heroes. Yay!!

Disney on Ice presents Princesses and Heroes

Disney on Ice comes around once every year and I think we’ve been to the shows, for the past 4 years. Every year, we decide that it was the best show, ever.

But this year, I will again confirm, that it was the best show… EVER!

The show theme was Disney Princesses and their heroes.

One by one the princesses came out and we watched them swirl and swoop and leap around the ice with precision and absolute style.

We ooohed and aaaahed but all the while, Amelia was waiting. Waiting for her favourite princess. The princess which she first fell in love with and which I was hoping would make an appearance.

Thank goodness. Rapunzel swooped onto the ice, followed by her hero, Flynn Ryder. The smile on my little girls face was absolutely priceless. She watched the performance and I don’t think she blinked. She was in awe. She was so happy. She was on a Disney high….




If your little person loves Disney, there is still time to treat them to some Disney magic, these school holidays.

Sydney - Allphones Arena, Sydney Olympic Park 10 - 14 July (Wed - Sun)

Perth - Perth Arena 19 - 21 July (Fri - Sun)

Visit for more details.


Do you have a favourite Disney Princess?

Who is your favourite Disney Hero?

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  1. what a special time for you all,sounds magical.xx


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