25 July 2013

Goddess… Let’s All Have a Party {DVD Giveaway CLOSED}

GIVEAWAY CLOSED - Winners: Mary, Kelly, Amber

When young mum Elspeth Dickens (LAURA-MICHELLE KELLY), mother of naughty twin boys, installs a webcam in her kitchen, her funny sink-songs make her a cyber-sensation.

While her husband James (RONAN KEATING) is off saving the world’s whales, Elspeth is offered the chance of a lifetime.

But when forced to choose between fame and family, the newly anointed internet goddess almost loses it all. This hilarious comedy also stars MAGDA SZUBANSKI.

Goddess was an absolute pleasure to watch. The film didn’t received the greatest reviews, but I honestly can’t understand why. The sink-songs are happy and catchy. The movie is fast, flowing and heart warming with a little bit of a Bollywood feel about it at times.

As a new mum who joined the blogging world when my children were young, this film hit home for me. The competitive mothers in this film were hilarious. Its a story about life, relationships, choices and sacrifices. I honestly recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy a happy, light hearted film.

Goddess DVD
Goddess is now available to own on DVD or Blu-Ray. Duration: 99 mins. Rated: PG

With thanks to Roadshow Entertainment, I have three (3) copies of Goddess to giveaway on DVD.

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Goddess {DVD}

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  1. I think a domestic goddess rules in the home cleanliness stakes, I tend to leave the dishes in the sink a little too much to qualify but perhaps some singing inspiration would help ;)

  2. ‘Domestic Goddess’ describes my wife Wendy perfectly. For 36 years, in every way, she has loved and watched over me. I'm so grateful she chose me.

  3. I wanted to see this movie but never got there!

  4. Domestic Goddess.......probably what I aspire to be, but just falling short of the mark!! :)

  5. Domestic goddess? An over-rated thing if ever there was one and most definitely the opposite of me! This was a movie I thought looked great and is on my list to get on DVD as I couldn't get to see it in the cinema. Fingers crossed!

  6. Domestic goddess - someone who manages to do everything, whilst making it look like no effort at all!