24 June 2013

LEGO Creator {Giveaway CLOSED}

GIVEAWAY CLOSED - Winners: Kim M, Kristy @ QP, Becky

School holidays are only a few days away, here in NSW. They seem to have come around quickly, though I admit that we really, really need them. The kids are exhausted and now that winter has arrived, we (or should I say, I) look forward to sleep-ins. Warm cosy days in front of the heater. Baking delicious food without the hurry of having to be somewhere. Crafting and creating.

Sure, I’ll let the kids watch some television, but I do make them turn it off and find things to do – things which use use their imagination. With the cold and wet weather, playing outside is a little difficult in our current living situation, so I encourage them to be creative and use their imagination.

Sam loves LEGO. He has loved it since he was little. So when I switch on my ‘mum’ voice and say “turn of the television and do something to use your brain”, he gets his big box of LEGO to make things. Like houses, towns, robots, airplanes, trains… you know… boy stuff.

Lego Creator TreeHouse

When I was asked if we’d be interested reviewing a LEGO Creator pack, it really was a no-brainer.

Cold, wet winter school holidays PLUS LEGO equals a perfect match.
But we couldn’t wait until the school holidays. Sam got home to discover a big brown parcel at the front door and that was it.

The LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Treehouse is fabulous fun. Sam sat down with hubby one afternoon and they created the treetop hideaway. I could hear them working together by the rustle of the LEGO bricks. Chatting about school, life, friends, what was for dinner… you know… boy things.

Once the treetop hideaway was finished, Sam called me over to have a look at it. He was so proud of their combined efforts. I ooohed and aaahed at the appropriate times. Then he promptly began to pull apart his tree house to make the next project.


LEGO Creator comes with instructions for 3 different projects – all using the same LEGO bricks in the pack. Perfect for the imagination (and for a house with limited space).

The treetop hideaway can be rebuilt into a cute lakeside hut with a jetty and pizza oven or a 2-story farmyard barn with a garden and wheelbarrow using the supplied alternate building instructions.

LEGO Creator Lake House

With all of the department store annual toy sales beginning this week, I really recommend LEGO 3-in-1 Creator. It’s like 3 packs of LEGO in one. Bargain!

With thanks to LEGO, I have three (3) LEGO Creator packs to giveaway. Each pack is valued at $49.99.

To enter, please leave a comment telling me some fun projects and activities for kids to create these winter school holidays.

1. Australian Giveaway ONLY
2. Giveaway will close at 12:00 am on 30 June 2013 AEDST
3. The judge’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered upon.
4. The prize will be sent by the promoter.
Samelia’s Mum will take no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage to prizes sent to winner/s.
5. Winner/s will be announced on the
Samelia's Mum Facebook page and/or contacted by email.


  1. i have my 3 grandchildren for 1 week of the school holidays and we plan to do something sewing and stitching and we will also go to the pics,i love making things with the grandies.xx

  2. I'm the one who creates with Lego in this house - my children are nearly done with school; one will spend the holidays creating a logo for a local art project, whilst the other will be developing a drama presentation.

  3. We get out our Family Calendar and make some birthday cards plus some blank ones. Using old cards, stickers, and art work brought home from school. Add them to our Card Box and we're ready for up-coming birthdays!

  4. Our project this holidays is to buy some wooden animal cut outs, paint them and redecorate there bedrooms, then it will be on to cooking a morning tea for there friends!

  5. We love to sew, craft and paint. We also love Bunnings DIY for kids workshops. As it is winter we will probably also be doing lots of wool projects, I love to knit and my two love to use the scrappy bits so I have a couple of pompom makers and they use them and then we can make animals from them.

  6. I have lots of messy craft projects planned like corn syrup painting and pasting as well as whale, seal and dolphin watching, super hero day and a scavenger hunt and my school girl even gets to go help out with the giraffes at the zoo for a morning!

  7. We plan on making little stuffed felt dragons this holidays. I even taught my 5 year old how to hand sew a blanket stitch :).

  8. My daughter has learnt how to make choc chip cookies, so she has been doing a lot of cooking, the plus side is that when they are cool, I get her to help me wrap them in cling wrap and put them in the freezer for school lunches and treats, so it saves me time in the long run!

  9. I save all my cardboard boxes and rolls for when the grandchildren visit on school holidays and we make all sorts of things from robots to animals to buildings. We then paint them in various bright colours. Very creative and lots of fun.

  10. Both my children are a little older but my youngest still loves LEGO. His Nanna has a huge box full at her house for all the grandies and my 17yr old is often found there long after the little ones have left.

  11. We never have enough Lego for free creative play with twins who both want the same bits.
    We bought Lego moulds to make lego chocolate men and do some cooking /make crayons in the holidays.

  12. There will be lots of Lego action at our house as well as the girls all love it BUT the big project I have planned is 'story rocks' where you paint images on rocks and then use them to tell stories. We will make some lovely drawstring bags to keep the rocks in as well. I am really excited to see what images the girls create and what stories they come up with!
    Penny Spreitzer

  13. The boys and I love to make and decorate pet rocks then they place them in the garden and have a treasure hunt with each other :-)

  14. We are off on a big driving holiday in the Sept/Oct school holidays, so I think we might spend some time creating some fun games to play in the car on the long drives. Maybe some highway bingo, or maybe even make some travel games with some felt and velcro and other scraps of material. We could easily make a tic tac toe, checkers or connect four. Maybe an exercise book full of find a words, crosswords and other puzzles to keep their minds busy.

  15. Oh we are such LEGO fans - lots of building will be happening in our house over the holidays! I haven't planned too many crafty activities yet (well not for the kids, planned mine haha!) but did see a fabulous DIY birdhouse that I think the kids would love to do!

    Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  16. I love Lego. They are very basic and versatile. One of school holidays activities that I like is making things with basic brick lego. We made a lego bricks photo frame last time. I'm thinking of making vase as it's very simple to do and trinket box with the lid. We are gonna stick a lego mini figure on top of the lid as the handle.

  17. My two (Miss 9 & Mr 4) have just discovered Lego and they love it. They have plans for creating all over my craft room floor during the holidays - so that way I can still sew and spend time with them. Got to love them.

  18. This holidays I'm going to do some sewing with my kids (ag 7 & 9). We're going to finish off our sock monkeys (bought as a kit from the Reject Shop, but there are lots of free patterns online). Then we might make some mini beanbag monsters which are easy and fun to make. And we'll pull out some lego and make a whole village while we have more time to play. Great for the wet winter weather.
    Belinda Brisbane

  19. It might sound strange, but my son has been begging to help me clean out the pantry. He loves checking use by dates and finding hidden foods in the pantry. These holidays, the two of us will give the pantry a great clean out, it's currently a mess! Then he'll probably play Lego while I have a coffee!

  20. My eldest child's sports carnival is the third day back from school holidays so we are making pom poms from cardboard rolls and crepe streamers and posters for her sports house. Another activity we are going to do is make some plaster shapes and decorate them with paint and glitter.

  21. When I was younger, I loved Papier-mâché and paper marbling. It's still a hit with the kids today. Papier-mâché animals is always fun. Also I use the paper marbling to cover school books.

  22. Lots of cooking is a good plan for the holidays. Very much enjoyed by the grandies!

  23. Oh I love lego - my boy is still in the primo phase. (I hadn't even heard of it until recently! It is great. The stage before duplo and he loves it!) I'm looking forward to him being old enough to play with this kid of lego. My nephew would love it!! Our "holiday" activities are still pretty simple (and the same as any other day!) - blowing bubbles can entertain him for hours... I love the birthday card idea someone else mentioned. What a great way to keep busy and get organised!

  24. My girls love playing with fabric from my scrap baskets, so I think these school holidays we'll be doing some simple sewing projects in front of the fire. Basic softies and dolls clothes are what they've requested.

  25. You mean activities apart from pyjama days? We use our dining table as the frame for a cubby which is then used for a myriad of things! Grass heads, balloon modelling, garden ornaments made from recycled kitchenware and kites are on our school holiday agenda. And sorting through children's clothes/rooms. But I don't say that out loud.

  26. Tommorrow I am about to hit the leggo table again and give it a big clean up putting the blocks into the right containers and lots of cooking here too over the holidays and Pj's days so mummy can get some hand stitching done.

  27. We like to cook over the holidays... we try to make yummy (somewhat healthy) items that go into the freezer ready for school lunches for the next term.

    This holiday I am going to let them search the recipe books and choose some snack foods themselves - hopefully they'll love them more than when i just choose.

    We're also going to head out to the park as often as possible, riding scooters and climbing on the playground equipment.

    Paula (

  28. Oh my boy was seriously considering buying this one with his money yesterday. Thanks for the chance to win.

    My Little Miss will be creating some digital creations this holidays - she has been asked to write a blog post for a friend of mine and she is VERY excited!

    My boy will no doubt create lots of Lego fun but I'm also expecting to see some serious obstacle courses. The cold keeps them inside so obstacle course are one way of burning off energy.

  29. Well, as a homeschooling family we are a constant hive of activity!
    The girls are particularly into paper crafts and my eldest daughter has recently discovered she loves embroidery and is quite good at it. Then of course, there is baking, which is a perfect activity during the cold months.
    All 4 of my children love to play with Lego, pretty much daily! My son has quite a collection, most of which he has bought with his own pocket money (but he is good enough to share with the girls!)
    We'd love to win this Creator set, thanks for the opportunity :)

  30. We are actually putting together our own recipe book. Instead of having a recipe here & there we are gathering them all up into one book. It's certainly going to be unique, a lot of fun, but very useful too. Lots of drawing, colour, writing, pasting and whatever else we fancy.


  31. These school holidays miss 7, mr 3 and I are going to start a veggie patch while little miss 16 weeks supervises from the pram :-)

    1. saekae at bigpond dot net dot au

  32. Our holidays will certainly consist of a bit of Lego play as well as some stitching with two of my kids already layed out charms squares ready to sew!!

  33. We are having lots of lego play. Although today we went and saw Despicable Me 2, which was great! My oldest in into creating spare parts and you can guess how he is dong that....some new lego would be great to change his focus!

  34. We're getting lots of cold days and frosts so I thought we'd turn it into fun. Laying flowers out in dishes with water - and making ice pictures. Filling balloons with water and food dye and then taking the balloon off in the morning when they're frosted through (ice ornaments!!). We're going to do a bit of cooking, and we're going to plant some winter vegetables!

    Thanks, Tracey M

  35. We love all types of crafting; I have bought some paper masks and lots of glitter, beads, felt, etc and the girls will decorate masks.
    We also plan to have a Wii dance-off challenge (this is So much fun, and a great way to keep active on cold, miserable days!) The winner gets rewarded with a little treat :)
    We will also do some baking; I let the girls choose a recipe from the internet (I will be steering them towards your passionfruit and coconut drizzle cake for sure!!!)
    I also will hopefully get the girls to write a letter to a friend or relative and have them post it. This is really good writing practice for them, and it is a lot of fun. Also, the recipient will receive a lovely surprise in the mail!
    All of these things are inexpensive, but alot of fun. I do treat them to movies or play centres occasionally, but we tend to have our own fun at home.

  36. I am delighted to say that my grand daughter, aged 11, is teaching me scrapbooking. I have never done any but am so looking forward to it. The bonus is that she will feel so good to teach ME something. I thought I might choose a topic of my own mother, who never met her great grand daughter. That way, she will learn a bit about a very special lady.

    Meanwhile, my two grandsons will play happily on their bedroom floor. They hardly need any supervision because they love playing with each other.

  37. We've been saving empty boxes for weeks and have been building with them, drawing on them, taping them together, painting them, cutting bits out of them....they seem to entertain master 5 more than the toys he has at the moment.

  38. Nothing beats building huts inside using doonas, blankets and pillows. Add some funny books or made-up secret stories and you've got hours of indoor fun.