20 May 2013

Peppercorn Food Company {Giveaway}

The other week, a delicious package arrived on our doorstep. I’d been chatting with the lovely PR people from Peppercorn Food Company and knew it was coming, so I let hubby enjoy the surprise of opening the box.

His eyes lit up. It was like Christmas had come. Really.

Inside of the huge Styrofoam box, covered in bags of ice was a large selection of Peppercorn Food Company products.

Peppercorn Food Company

We love to try new products at our house, though sausages are nothing new around these parts. Except. We’d never tried Peppercorn sausages – and really, they are sooooooooooooo much better than the generic ones at the supermarket.

Peppercorn Food Company have a factory in western Sydney and make a whole range of products, all with the Heart Foundation Tick of approval, all gluten free and all made from natural ingredients. Whatever it takes to make the best.


The Peppercorn Food Company has gone from supplying one store in Neutral Bay NSW to supplying Woolworths nationally as well as other leading retailers across the country.

As you can probably guess, we had sausages for dinner that night - with peas and mash. Yum! Extra Lean Chicken Sausages (which the kids LOVED) and Extra Lean Italian Style Sausages which have some extra herbs and spices and delicious flavour.

I put a few packs in the freezer as we couldn’t just eat sausages or burgers every night (though my kids would disagree with me on this). But then, it just so happened that I was watching one my my favourite shows – Better Homes & Gardens. Anyone else love this show? It’s our Friday night staple.

Fast Ed (Ed Halmagyi) was making a Layered Rice Bake which captured my attention. Firstly because it looked like perfect winter comfort food. And secondly, because he made a pie base (and lid) out of rice. And it held together, just like pastry would hold together.

You can watch the segment with Fast Ed in action here:

The next day, I decided to have a go at making the Rice Bake and used some Peppercorn Extra Lean Beef Burgers with Asian Herbs and Spices for the filling.


I subscribe to the Better Homes & Gardens magazine, so I had the recipe easily available to me. I read the instructions a couple of times and began. It was all working well and my main concern was ensuring I’d packed in the rice properly so that it would all hold together.

Layered Rice Bake - Cold

And it did hold. But best of all, the Asian herbs and spices in the Peppercorn Burgers really shone through and gave this pie an extra depth of flavour. The next day, we sliced it up and ate it cold for lunch. Perfect!

Honestly, the Peppercorn Food Company products may be a little more expensive than the generic brands, but they are absolutely worth it. Premium quality and most importantly, the Heart Foundation Tick.


The Peppercorn Food Company have been very generous and have offered a Samelia’s Mum reader the chance to win the very same pack which I received (top image).

To be in the running for this fantastic prize pack from Peppercorn Food Company, just tell me:

What is your favourite recipe using sausages?

If you don’t have a Google account, please enter via the Rafflecopter below

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1. Australian Giveaway ONLY. Due to the nature of this product, the giveaway is limited to metropolitan addresses within Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.
2. Giveaway will close at 12:00 am on 30 May 2013 AEST.
3. The judge’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered upon.
4. The prize will be sent by the promoter.
Samelia’s Mum will take no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage to prizes sent to winner/s.
5. Winner/s will be announced on the Samelia's Mum Facebook page and/or contacted by email.


  1. I love adding chopped sausages to pasta and chopped veggies with sauce or tinned tomatoes. It's so inexpensive and goes a long way. How good does that meat look?! So happy it's an Aussie giveaway!

  2. That rice bake looks very yummy! I make a Savoury tomato and herb sausage casserole which everyone in the family just loves. Of course it's always served with mashed potatoes and beans! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  3. Darn...I'm not eligible for this one because I live in the US, but my favorite sausage recipe is good 'ole New Orleans Jambalaya! If you've never had jambalaya, check out Emeril's recipe!

  4. I love simple bangers and mash with a thick onion gravy. I've bought the medium rice to make the Layered Rice Bake form BH&G. Now all I need is the time!

  5. Sausage in alfoil.
    Recipe below is for one person! Make a package each for one person.
    Get a square of alfoil, spray the bottom with a bit of oil then put a layer of sliced potato in the middle of the square (these tend to burn and get thrown away). Add two sausages on top of the potatoes. Sprinkle over a packet of cup of soup (we normally use french onion) Add two teaspoons of water. Then top with other vegetables - enough for one person, we use corn, peas, carrots, more potato etc.
    Wrap the parcel tightly so that it is sealed. If doing in a campfire etc, use a second layer of alfoil.
    Throw in campfire until you smell the potatoes burning or until cooked - depends on heat of fire. If doing in the oven, set oven at about 180-200 and cook for 30 minutes.

  6. I can't resist a curried sausage casserole!

  7. I love to make grilled pizza with sausage, mushroom, onion and capsicum.

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