Sneezing Sea Horses

Did you know that it’s the daddy seahorse who gives birth to the babies?

No, I didn't either. This was one interesting fact we learnt at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium the other week.

SeaHorse Mum & Baby

The dad just “sneezes” and hundreds of baby seahorses burst forth from their bellies. Nawwww… too cute. If only we could sneeze after 9 months of pregnancy, and the baby was out, right?

We were invited along to the Sydney Aquarium to discover the fun of their newest exhibit, the Sea Horse Safari.

SeaHorse Safari

There are 7 new tanks of seahorse sand pipefish species to discover throughout the aquarium. The kids even receive a trail guide passport on their journey around the aquarium – including getting stamps at different “ports” along the way.

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Seahorses face numerous threats to their species. Here's what we can all do to help them survive:
  • One of the biggest threat to seahorses is poaching for medicinal purposes. Ensure you check what's in your complementary medications
  • Habitat loss is another significant threat to seahorses. They often can be found in seagrass beds which are being lost at rapid rates by coastal development
  • Look out for 'no anchor' zones if in seagrass habitats. These areas are there to protect remnant patches of seagrass meadows.
  • Be careful when swimming amongst beach enclosures. These are attractive habitats for seahorses and you may actually see them with your mask and snorkel.
  • Avoid buying dried seahorses as souvenirs. These are likely to be from wild, unsustainable sources

If you’re thinking of heading to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium during the school holidays, my advice is to head over in the afternoon. No need to be there first thing. It’s open until 8pm and if you head over after lunch, it’s way less crowded and you can turn the aquarium visit into an afternoon out, exploring Darling Harbour.

I absolutely love Darling Harbour in Sydney. There is so much to see and do – it’s fun for the whole family. We were lucky enough to be there when it was The Hoopla Festival.

We’ll definitely be spending some time in Darling Harbour during these upcoming school holidays.

Do you (or your kids) have any exciting plans for these upcoming school holidays?

Disclaimer: We were invited along to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium to experience the Sea Horse Safari. I was under no obligation to blog about the event - but it was fun and I love Sea Horses. Plus, I loved learning that it's the dad Sea Horse which has the babies and thought you might like to learn that too.

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