04 April 2013

Small Changes = Great Rewards {Giveaway}

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I’ve been thinking about lunch a lot lately. Well not lunch exactly, but Arnott's Cruskits - and more importantly, what to put on them, to devour, at lunch time.

Two Cruskits have 60% less carbs than two slices of bread, so by making this small change at lunch times, there is an attainable reward (in looser pants) PLUS they’re convenient. I always have a couple of things in my pantry in case of emergencies. If we run out of milk, I have a carton of UHT milk and if we run out of bread, I have Cruskits.

So, last week, I thought I’d be a little bit posh. I tried some Philly Cream Cheese with Smoked Salmon (from the Reduced to Clear shelf at Coles). I even snipped some chives (from my very own garden) on top.

Cruskits with Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon

This was very very VERY yummy, but for me, an unrealistic lunch on a daily basis. Smoked Salmon, though delicious, is a wee bit pricey.

On a side note - I love looking at the odd assortment available on that clearance shelf in the supermarket. Falafel, Veggie Burgers, Mandarin Juice.

The kids are easy – they like vegemite and cheese on their Cruskits. We headed up to the Easter Show over the long weekend, and I made a few of these for the car trip.

Cruskits with Vegemite & Cheese

There are lots of easy recipes and topping combinations on the Cruskits Facebook Page, but I thought I’d ask this question on social media anyways:

What do you like on your Cruskits?

… and I was rewarded with a tonne of delicious topping ideas from fellow Cruskits fans.

Some topping ideas included:
Cheese, Tomato and Salt/Pepper
Avocado and Tuna
Cottage Cheese with Sun Dried Tomato
Ricotta with Strawberry (apparently it tastes like cheese cake)

The combination which I liked the sound of, tried and LOVED was Ricotta dusted with cinnamon and then topped with slices of banana and drizzled with honey.

You really must try this combination. Really. You must!


With thanks to Arnott's Cruskits, I have a $100 Coles voucher to giveaway to a lucky Samelia’s Mum reader.

Leave a comment on this blog post, telling me:

What do you like on your Cruskits?

This giveaway is open to Australian residents ONLY and closes at 5pm on 11 April 2013 (AEST).

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