Road Testing the new Encore 10 {Review}

As you know, we had a long road trip this summer. We drove thousands of kilometres to visit family and friends interstate and in all honesty, we love this type of holiday. Packing the car and heading out for an adventure.

A few days before our return trip home (which would be just shy of 1,000 kms) I received an email with information about the new Britax Safe–n–Sound Encore 10 Expandable Booster Seat.

Amelia was in dire need of a new car seat but as Sam is almost 7, we were waiting to pass his old seat on to her.

She has been in the Safe-n-Sound Maxi Rider since she was a baby. These seats are designed for children between approximately 6 months and 4 years (using the inbuilt harness) – so when the opportunity to trial and review the new Britax Encore 10 Expandable Booster Seat came along, we accepted.

Before it was even installed in the car, she just “had to” have a little test of it.


So on the day we were to travel back home, the car was packed to capacity, we said good bye to the grandparents and headed on our long trip home.

Amelia got to sit in the seat for the first leg of the trip home. It has built in speakers in the head rest and a plug for the iPod, so for a little while, she enjoyed listening to her music (Barbie Princess & the Popstar Soundtrack).

But after a while, she plugged in her headphones and played with her iPod. She tells me that “the new seat is very comfy and she loves, loves, loves it”.

Britax Encore 10
Ignore the fluffy hair – she spent almost 3 weeks (twice daily) in a chlorinated swimming pool.

Sam is almost 7 and about 142cm tall (which is the legal age that children no longer need booster seats). When we were in the market for child seats, they were all weight limited. As my son is not a lightweight, we struggled to find a seat which was big enough and comfortable enough for him – especially on the long trips. He currently has a Safe-n-Sound Hi Liner.

Well, after the first pit stop (toilet and coffee break at Macca’s) we adjusted the seat and Sam had a go in the new chair too.

Britax Encore 10 Sam

The Britax Encore 10 has been designed to fit approx. 95% of 10 year olds and approx. 50% of 12 year olds, which gives parents the choice to keep their child secured for longer.

The seat offers an extendable padded seat giving your child room to grow and ensuring optimal safety and comfort for your child. When the seat is fully expanded it offers and extra 7cm of room for your child’s legs.

            image                image

Boasting nine height adjustment options, the Encore 10 headrest can easily position into the correct height while the seat is installed and offers 17cm extra growth when the seat is fully expanded (see image above).

Both kids love the seat and as it’s so simple to adjust, they both have turns sitting in it. The Encore 10 gets a great big thumbs up from our family. It’s comfortable, adjustable and most importantly, safe for my children.


Keep an eye out for my reversible Seat Belt Sleeve Tutorial.

Seat Belt Sleeve

Disclaimer: I received a Britax Safe-n-Sound Encore 10 Expandable Booster Seat to review. Opinions and images are my own (other than the Britax lower image, showing the adjustable head height variations).

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