Technology and Cooking {plus a Giveaway CLOSED}

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We’ve been busy cooking and baking this weekend. We received a copy of Ben O’Donoghue’s latest cook book  “At Home with Ben” and have tried a couple of the recipes… Spanish Tortilla, Lemon Ricotta Drizzle Cake…

But let me take you back a few days. To the day we met the man himself, Ben O’Donoghue.

Sam, Amelia and I were invited along to The Grounds of Alexandria, by Sony Australia to play with Sony’s newest tablet / computer – the Sony Vaio Tap 20.
The Sony Vaio Tap 20 is just under 20” wide and 12” high which makes is a VERY large tablet, but this is part of it’s charm.

Running on Windows 8, the Sony Vaio Tap 20 is designed with family use in mind. Play games together on the touch screen, or view shows, the screen can be adjusted so that everyone can view it easily.

So anyways, we arrived at The Grounds and a large table was set up with the Sony Vaio Tap 20’s – ready for the kids to play with… and play they did.

Sony Tap 20 Collage

And then… we met Ben O’Donoghue – who was absolutely cool. Yes, cool.
The kids have been to these sorts of events in the past and often the adults aren’t too sure how to talk with or interact with kids in attendance, but you can tell Ben is a dad and experienced in answering questions from 6 year olds.
Ben had a couple of his recipes on the tablets and some ingredients were laid out on the long table. It was cooking time!

Sony Cooking 1

Every child there was super enthusiastic to be cracking eggs and enthusiastically stirring the ingredients with their whisks… and the mums… well they were all a little worried that the kids were going to get hotcake batter on the technology.

Sony Cooking

Without much incident or perhaps it was a lot of luck, all the kids managed to get their hotcake batter all mixed up and ready for Ben to cook on the hotplate.
I was informed by both of my darlings that the hotcakes were “Sooooo good”.
It was a fun way to spend a morning - playing with technology, cooking with the kids, and meeting a celebrity chef.

Just as we were leaving, Sam asked Ben if he was famous, to which Ben responded, “if your mum takes a photo of me, with you, I will be”. And he was! Sam took this photo to school the next day to show all of his friends and tell them all about it.

sony cooking 2

A great chef, a very nice man and a great ambassador for Sony. With thanks to Sony, I have a signed copy of Ben O’Donoghue’s book “At Home With Ben” to giveaway.

At Home With Ben

Please enter via the Rafflecopter below or leave a comment telling me:

If you could have any celebrity chef (other than Ben O'Donoghue ofcourse) come over to your house to cook dinner for you, who would you have and why?

Learn more about the Sony Tap 20 HERE.

Visit the Sony Australia Facebook Page and their fun Summertainment tab. It gives you 1001 ideas of things to get involved with this summer, for example: the chance to win movie tickets, or dance lessons with Justice Crew or do star jumps into a pool (just to name a few).

Discover The Grounds of Alexandria. Such a gorgeous place and I cannot believe I never knew about it (considering I used to work just around the corner).

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I was not paid to write about the event but was gifted a goody bag (and no, unfortunately it did not include a Sony Tap 20, though the kids did ask if they could have one). All opinions and images are my own.


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