Hello Summer

It's the first day of summer here in the Southern Hemisphere and Mother Nature is certainly not holding back.

It was a steamy hot day yesterday with temperatures reaching 40 degrees (104 F). As is often the case, after a very hot day, a storm passed through last night to cool things down a little.

Apparently it's meant to get as hot, or hotter today. Urgh!!

But it's all good, because we're spending the weekend here:

Hubby enjoys fishing, and the kids do too although their attention span is limited and unless they catch a fish, pronto, it's no fun... for anyone. But it's okay because they love keeping an eye out for the locals...

Luckily for them, the fish here in Lake Conjola are plentiful.

Hub even caught a couple of these ugly things:

We googled and think its a catfish. Can anyone confirm?

Have you got a big weekend planned?

And more importantly, have you got your Christmas tree up yet or will you do it this weekend?


  1. I was supposed to be teaching (knitting) today but the class was cancelled due to low numbers so I can have a quiet weekend at home with the air-con on! DD and family will probably visit this afternoon for a swim (it's supposed to get to 42°C and it's already muggy from all the rain overnight).

    Our Christmas tree traditionally goes up on Christmas Eve (it's "live" so we don't want a brown tree for Christmas) and comes down on 6 January -- the twelfth day of Christmas! But this year we are hosting WM's enormous family Christmas party on 16 Dec so I guess it will go up on 15th!

  2. and it's finally getting colder where we're at, NC- usa :-) well cold enough to wear a jacket or a thick sweater, I'm loving this weather. I was looking at your pics and they looked just like any lake around here, until I saw the Kangaroo, can't believe they just JUMP around, too neat. no idea about your fish though.
    our tree usually goes up on black friday- the day after thanksgiving, but this year we did it wednesday instead as we had company on thursday so it made the house look nice, we have 2 fake trees ( from when we lived in FL, where no LIVE trees live more than a few days and are $$)

  3. hello samelia's mum,
    sure looks like a catfish to me! our weather is a little different than yours. we are in alaska, and now it has warmed up, it is 9 degrees F above zero. was below zero. but it feels colder because the wind has been going about 60 mph. no snow, it all blew away. tonight we put up our fake tree and watched a christmas movie- Elf. sure had a lot of fun with our grandson.
    look on facebook for the Alaska Life it is run by friends of ours. scroll down a little and look at the picture of the bear paw. it is probably a Kodiak brown bear. rather large!
    bye now!
    mary :)


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