Hand Quilting like a Ninja (Creative Space)

Hand quilting.

Desperately trying to get this Christmas hanging finished by the weekend.



It’s not very big, but it’s been a stop/start/stop/start project… the stitcheries were completed over a year ago. Seriously!

I must finish it. Must!

What is happening in your creative space today?


  1. go Anorina go,you can do it.xx

  2. Looks fabulous!!! Best of wishes in finishing it off ... should I count you down? ... 4 days to go!! ;)

  3. The embroideries I started mid-year were turned into the front of a wall-hanging on Wednesday, basted and (machine) quilted (in the ditch) yesterday and bound today. I finished sewing the sleeve and label on about a quarter of an hour ago! Tomorrow, WM will hang it opposite the front door, just in time for Christmas! And I will blog about it!

    Good luck getting yours done!


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