I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!

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I love to ask my kids what they want to be when they grow up.

For Sam the future “dream” occupations can change on a daily basis. Sometimes he wants to be a pilot (so he can be like daddy) a policeman or fireman.

For a while there, he wanted to be a wrestler as well as a food/restaurant reviewer – I think maybe he has a little bit of a boy-crush on Matt Preston.

When Amelia grows up, she wants to do two things. She’s stuck with the same two things for ages and I don’t see her changing her mind anytime soon.

She wants to be a princess (don’t we all?)

~ AND ~

She wants to sell ice-cream

Not bad dreams really.

When I had the opportunity to take my kids to Cold Rock to experience the Save the Gummi Bears promotion, my little food connoisseur and future ice-cream sales woman were in their element.


Cold Rock 1 Samelia's Mum


Have you ever been to Cold Rock? It is a little bit expensive to go regularly, but as a sometimes treat, it’s absolutely lovely.

Choose It. Mix It. Smash It. Love It.

Choose It: You choose your favourite ice-cream flavour...

Mix It: They mix in your choice of lollies, chocolate, fruit & nuts.

Smash It: They smash the mix-ins into your ice-cream.

Love It: You enjoy it!

Both kids got to choose a flavour of ice-cream and a mix. Of course, they both wanted Gummi Bears. I reminded them that we were there to save the poor little, juicy, delicious, fruity flavoured Gummi Bears, so they had to choose something else.

Decisions, decisions…


Cold Rock 3 Samelia's Mum


With the Cookie Dough only 50c during the Save the Gummi Bears promotional period, we decided that was a good choice.

The ice-cream smasher/mixer guy did his thing on the cold rock.

Very cool to watch and it inspired Sam to want to come home and slop ice-cream around on the kitchen bench… Umm… yeah… nah.


Cold Rock 2 Samelia's Mum


Amelia, chose Cookies n Cream plus Cookie Dough mix-in.


Cold Rock 4 Samelia's Mum


Sam opted for Choc Mint plus Cookie Dough mix-in.


Cold Rock 5 Samelia's Mum


And as I got to have a few spoonful's of both, I thought they were both yummy!


What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

What do you like top or mix into your ice-cream?


Cold Rock Ice Creamery is a part of the Franchised Food Company. For those wanting to be their own boss, it couldn't get much better than having an ice-cream shop! After all, it is Amelia’s dream job.

Visit http://www.ffco.com.au/buy-a-franchise.html for more info!


  1. I really need an icecream fix right about now . No chance of it though .

    1. Did you manage to get your hands on some ice-cream Trish?

  2. Oh yum! I wish there was a Cold Rock Store in our small town!

  3. I haven't tried Cold Rock before, might have to give it a whirl! I'm impressed that your two lovely littlies could eat ice-cream and not have the evidence all over their faces - my two sons always had as much on their face and shirt as they did in their mouth! My favourite flavour? I like to have a waffle cone with a scoop of Boysenberry Ripple topped with one of English Toffee. Mmmm, now I feel like ice-cream!

  4. Chocolate - the darker the better! Additives? Oh, all right, if I must: chocolate chips ( the darker the better)!

  5. Yumm all that ice cream some time very hard to pick which one to pick. I like any with nuts in it or rum and raisin's.

  6. The kids love cold rock! Such a great date night idea!

  7. mmm yummy i love bubble gum its the best flavour i crave this in summer

  8. I would really love to try Cold Rock. It sounds awesome.


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