09 September 2012

Barbie The Princess and the Pop Star {Giveaway CLOSED}

Winner: Linda Mangini
True Friends Rock In Perfect Harmony!

Barbie returns to the small screen this September in a new sparkling musical adventure, Barbie The Princess and the Popstar.


Barbie The Princess and the Popstar

With a 5 year old girl in the house, we have many of the Barbie films in our DVD library – these go well with the dozen or so Barbie dolls which she has and adores.

Barbie stars as Tori, a royal who dreams of being a popstar in the highly anticipated new addition to the Barbie movie collection.
Tori is the kind hearted Princess of Meribella who would rather sing and dance than perform her royal duties. When her favourite pop star Keira visits the kingdom, the girls discover they have much in common, including a magical secret that lets them look like one another.
At first, swapping places seems like a great idea, until each girl realizes that the other’s life isn’t as easy as it seems.
But Meribella also has a magical secret, and when it’s stolen, the whole kingdom is put in danger. Will true friendship save the day?
Filled with fantastic songs, fabulous fashions and fun new friends, Barbie The Princess and the Popstar is an exciting musical celebration that shows the best thing you can be is yourself!

Available in stores in September, girls will also enjoy the new Barbie doll range. We have seen the ad on television and Amelia’s ears perked up when she saw there were new Barbie goodies to be had. She is a girl who loves a Barbie, or Barbie animal. Here she is with her new pink Barbie Unicorn.

I know it’s not related to the new Barbie Popstar film, but I wanted to share a picture of my cutie pie with her new unicorn (yes this makes about 12 unicorns in her collection).

Amelia and the unicorn

With thanks to Universal Sony Pictures, I have a copy of Barbie The Princess and the Popstar to giveaway to a lucky Samelia’s Mum reader.

For your chance to win, just leave a comment or send me an email telling me:

What is it about Barbie, that your little pink person loves?

Terms & Conditions
  1. Open to Australian residents only.
  2. Giveaway will close on 17 September 2012.
  3. This is a game of skill and the judge’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered upon.
  4. Samelia’s Mum will take no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage to prizes sent to winners.
  5. Winner/s will be contacted by email.
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  1. oh my grand-daughter is barbie mad,she would love this new DVD,she thinks she is Barbie.xx

  2. It's the fact that she has a groovy pink car, a fancy horse to ride, many new outfits and a cool dude like Ken to marry.

  3. My 7 year old loves the glamour (it may be because her mum is quite unglam but I am not asking!)

  4. I don't have a pink person but my sister and I were Barbie mad when we were kids. We had everything, house, cars, horses, camper van etc etc. My favourite thing about Barbie is her shoes. Those teeny tiny heels. Nothing has changed since I have grown, I still have a shoe fetish :)

  5. My five-year-old daughter loves Barbie. We bought her the Barbie car for her birthday recently, and the look on her face was priceless!!! I know that at the end of the day, Barbie is a materialistiv thing, but it is nice to know that she brings my daughter so much happiness! She has one dvd of Barbie that she has watched too many times to count, so a new one would be wonderful as a stocking stuffer from Santa at Christmas :)

  6. The lifestyle - at a fraction of the cost of real-life.

  7. My grand-daughter loves EVERYTHING Barbie lol. Not only does she have her own collection, she has "inherited" her mothers' as well. Most of all she loves the fashion and the hairstyles. She will sit for hours dressing them up. Then, because she is the biggest drama queen, there is always a fight between the dolls over Ken - shouting and all!

  8. My daughter loves Barbie and anything to do with barbie... probably the most is the clothes... she wants to have all her dresses just like Barbies..

  9. My 9 year old adores barbie because of her many outfits, homes and adventures ( on dvd )Her whole world is Barbie and has been since the age of 2 and im sure will be for a long time.

  10. I think she believes she is Barbie's offspring, gosh one look at me and everyone knows how far that is from the truth :)

  11. she can be anything aND STILL BE A PRINCESS AT HEART

  12. My little love is barbie obsessed she loves all the different roles she has and believes she is also a princess :0)

  13. Barbie has so many fantastic adventures and great costumes and extras to allow for hours of tiny people fun

  14. Every morning for school my daughter says 'Mum can you do my hair like Barbies'.
    I try my hardest to do the 'barbie hairstyle' hehehe but it does help to pop in a pink hairclip - that usually does the trick :)

  15. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comSeptember 10, 2012 at 8:15 PM

    I'm pretty sure she thinks she IS Barbie most of ghe time!

  16. I think you hit on it. It's the pinkness of it all. All the sparkle & glitz & glamour.

  17. My little granddaughter loves Barbie because she is so pretty and girlie and everything she has is so pink.

  18. I asked Callia and Amaya and they said they like Barbie because she is kind hearted, gets to wear lovely clothes, has lots of interesting adventures and likes singing. Barbie is so sweet and innocent and it is lovely to see my little girls just being little girls and not trying to grow up too fast.
    I love the fact that my girls love Barbie and I hope they continue to love Barbie for years to come.

  19. My daughter loves all the singalongs, she gets her little microphone out and sings the whole way through! Cute, but oh so noisy!

  20. Barbies a best friend..travels everywere with the imagination of my granddaughter!

  21. Barbie encompasses all that my girl sees as magical, she is a princess, a fairy and a mermaid, to top it all off she now has a pet unicorn.