12 August 2012

Upstairs, Downstairs {Box Set Giveaway CLOSED}

** Giveaway Closed **
Winners: Shez & Melody

One of the most loved television series of all time is brought back to life with a stellar cast and a story full of scandal, romance and intrigue, set against a sweeping historical background.

I didn’t watch Upstairs, Downstairs when it was on television (ABC) earlier this year, but heard so many good things about it.

I regretted not seeing it as I’m such a sucker for a BBC period drama (as you may be aware from previous posts and giveaways).

When I had the opportunity to review + giveaway this DVD, I put my hand up - quick smart.

Upstairs Downstairs S1 and S2

Series One
The year is 1936.

The address is 165 Eaton Place, Belgravia.

We are introduced to the characters who live Upstairs - the rich and elegant diplomat Sir Hallam, his wife Lady Agnes and their family. We also meet and get to know the staff who live Downstairs.

Both of these worlds have built their own labyrinth of secrets, lies and scandals which keep us wanting more.

Unfortunately, series one is only a few of episodes which is a little disappointing. I was hoping for more.


Series Two
The year is now 1938.

Life in Eaton Place has moved on. Lady Agnes and Sir Hallam are now parents and London has settled into an easy peace.

Both Upstairs and Downstairs harbour life changing secrets and the menace of looming war, threatens the smooth running of Eaton Place.

Romance, heartbreak and intrigue engulf the household, while its inhabitants discover the REAL threat is much closer.


Thanks to Roadshow, I have 2 box sets of Upstairs, Downstairs to giveaway.
As you may be aware, Upstairs, Downstairs is a remake of a 1970’s show.
To enter, just leave a comment telling me:

Which television show would you love to see re-made and why?

For me, I’d love to see Gilligan’s Island remade. I’d be curious to see what the coconut telephones would look like today.

Terms & Conditions
  1. Open to Australian residents only.
  2. Giveaway will close on 27 August 2012.
  3. This is a game of skill and the judge’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered upon.
  4. Samelia’s Mum will take no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage to prizes sent to winners.
  5. Winner/s will be contacted by email.
Disclaimer: No payment was received for this post. I did however, receive a copy of this DVD to review. All opinions are my own or of my family.


  1. I'd love to see Greenacres remade because I loved it so much as a child.. It would be great to see the antics of Arnold Ziffle again - I loved that little piglet.

  2. I would love to see The Love Boat series re-made. I saw an old episode on TV a few weeks ago and it really took me back to my childhood. I'm sure a re-make could be so well done.

  3. lily ,the story of lily langtree and edward the 7th it was a fabulous period drama back in the 70's and would still be a great story retold today

  4. A Country Practice - loved that show!

    Thanks for the giveaway - I caught a few episodes of Upstairs Downstairs and enjoyed what I saw of it!

  5. looks like a really entertaining DVD. I know I'm not eligible given I'm not an Oz resident, but I just wanted to say it looked like a fun giveaway/DVD.


  6. For Comedy I'd love to see either "The Goodies" of "The Young Ones" as well as a remake of "A Country Practice" for great Aussie style viewing

  7. I always loved watching MACGYVER. He could save the day with a not much more than a piece of string & his wits. Fast forward to the 21st century. Just imagine what MACGYVER could do with some techno savvy.

  8. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comAugust 14, 2012 at 7:20 PM

    I would love to see George and Mildred made, it was pretty funny, but I have no idea how a modern version would go, would be pretty funny though!

  9. I've had a think about this, we've seen a number of movies made from 60's and 70's shows like Brady bunch and Charlies Angels. I'd like to see some of the more recent past shows remade, shows I always enjoyed were 7th Heaven, Judging Amy and Touched by an Angel. The one which I miss most which ran for 6 or 7 seasons is Waking the Dead, great British drama, great actors and always an interesting story

  10. I don't know which I would like to see remade. I'm enjoying watching some of the oldies at the moment like Happy Days, Family Ties, the Brady Bunch. They bring back lots of childhood memories plus the added bonus of no swearing in them!

  11. i would like to see the love boat remade.xx

  12. I had to really think about this and I still couldn't decide. Perhaps "To the Manor Born" or a 60s family show from US, called "A Family Affair".

    "Upstiars, Downstairs" was unusual, remakes are often unsuccessful - look at the fate of remakes like Young Talent Time (the first series was a real hit in our house but we didn't even make it through the first night of the remake), or "Hey Hey It's Saturday". I can't think of any other remakes right now. Different times, different audiences!

  13. I'd like to see Fame re made as a series.. Bring back leg warmers and hot dancers! Not one that votes people/ groups off each week just touching episodes and fab dancers with great music! I reckon kids would live it!

  14. Just realised I posted as anonymous
    My name is Tracy Colton I said to remake Fame .. Leg warmers and hot dancers!

  15. Seinfeld. It was my all time favourite tv show of the 90s. It made me laugh so much.

  16. There was a show called 'Hippies' on when I had Pay TV around a million (read: about 7 or 8) years ago, which starred a bunch of hip young things, including Simon Pegg, who went on to be in Shaun of the Dead. It had a lot of potential and it was very funny, but I think it ended after 6 episodes or something, I'd love to see what it could've turned into! Maybe one day they'll have another go at it.

  17. I loved Darling Buds of May and would love to see it remade,Dont think anyone could play the gorgeous Marietta or incorrigible Pop Larkins as well as the originals!

  18. twitch of the nose and look out fun! Not a Nicole Kidman type remake either!