25 August 2012

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Series 7 {Giveaway Closed}

** Giveaway Closed **
Winners: Mick, Kate Ryan

Fathers Day is fast approaching. In one week, we will be lavishing gifts, breakfasts in bed and smothering them in cuddles, kisses and way more affection than they’re used to.
Today is the first, in a series of Fathers Day related posts, here on Samelia’s Mum. I will be sharing gift ideas, crafts ideas and giveaways, all to inspire ways to spoil the man (or men) in your and your child’s life.

If the father, which you need to shop for, loves adventurous eating shows, then Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – Series 7, might be just the gift he’d love and appreciate.


Anthony Bourdain is an acclaimed Chef who has had enough of convention and is out to discover what the world eats.  There is no cockroach or scorpion too crunchy, no chilli too hot, and no animal part off the menu. 

“I write. I eat. I travel. I’m hungry for more.”

Over the past few years he has been working his way around the world visiting local markets, food stalls and hidden restaurants, to discover what the locals eat and of course what the locals drink.  This is season seven of his food travelogue.


We first discovered Bourdain on the Discovery or Travel Channel a few years ago. We were immediately hooked by his dry humour, interesting stories, and of course seeing what the rest of the world eats (many things that I wouldn’t try in a million years).
In Series 7, Anthony Bourdain travels include places like: Nicaragua, Ukraine, Macau, Haiti, Kurdistan, Cuba, Cambodia, Brazil and the Ozarks… just to name a few.
Thanks to Roadshow Entertainment, I have 2 copies of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – Series 7 to giveaway.
** Please note that this is a short giveaway so that the winner can receive their prize, in time for Fathers Day. **
For your chance to win, tell me in 25 words or less:

Which remote or unknown place do you think Anthony Bourdain should visit, on his next adventure?

Terms & Conditions
  1. Open to Australian residents only.
  2. Giveaway will close on 28 August 2012.
  3. This is a game of skill and the judge’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered upon.
  4. Samelia’s Mum will take no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage to prizes sent to winners.
  5. Winner/s will be contacted by email.
Disclaimer: No payment was received for this post. I did however, receive a copy of this DVD to review. All opinions are my own or of my family.


  1. The Canary Islands have some amazing local recipes and catching/harvesting techniques which would interest Anthony but many others

  2. We went to Far North QLD earlier this year...I thing this would be a great place for him to go

  3. I think he should check out darkest Peru, would be interesting things to eat and see

  4. I'd like to see him travel to Madagascar, if only because I know so little about it (only the capital city and that it has amazing wildlife). I can't be the only one, so I think it'd be fantastic to discover the culture and cuisine of such a distant land!

  5. I would like to see Tony travel to Mongolia as I'm intrigued to see what he thinks of the local cuisine of Yak milk and yak butter!

  6. Outback Australia....witchetty grubs, barbecued goanna, nardoo seed patties and quandongs should make interesting viewing.

  7. A trip to the Arctic. I know I would love to see the traditional foods of the Inuit. Such a harsh, frozen land.

  8. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comAugust 25, 2012 at 8:35 PM

    There are lots of really nice, remote islands in New Guinea, that would make a pretty cool show!

  9. I would like to see him go to Cuba, when I was there I could only find ham and cheese sandwiches but I'm certain their food culture is deeper and tastier then that.

  10. I have never heard of him (we don't have pay tv) but he sounds like my hubby's kind of dude. Exploring local culture & cuisine. He is welcome to come to our place & delve into our new town!

  11. Hue, in Vietnam! People know Hanoi and Saigon, but they
    often forget the historic city of Hue. He can visit the UNESCO listed sites as
    well as enjoy the best cuisines Vietnam has to offer!

  12. Ugandan food is an exotic melange of English, Arab, Asian and Indian influences which would be worth investigating. They also have delicacies of grasshopper, white ant and termites which should get Bourdain's gastronomic juices flowing.

  13. Li Jiang in China. Awesome place, awesome food!

  14. My sons kitchen...weird and unusual things are created there!!

  15. Patagonia - would love to see what they eat down there.

  16. I think he should go camping along the Murray River, would be great to see some bush food found and used in cooking.