12 July 2012

The Jungle Bunch {DVD Giveaway}

Winner is: Mary P

The other week, we received a copy of The Jungle Bunch by Universal Studios Home Entertainment, to review. We took it down the coast on our little family getaway and watched it on a cold and rainy afternoon.


The Jungle Bunch movie is the story of how a penguin’s egg (Maurice) fell off an Antarctic ice floe and ended up in the jungle. 

Maurice is adopted and raised by an affectionate tigress, and is actually convinced that he is also a tiger. His time is divided between re-painting his stripes (due to his skin condition), hunting and teaching his own adopted son, Junior the Tiger Fish, his special hunting techniques. 

Two penguins from Maurice’s native Antarctic village, are in search of “The Great Tiger Warrior” to save their village from an oppressive group of walruses. 

Their search leads them to Maurice’s jungle home, where they tell him of their plight. Determined to help, Maurice, and his team of misfit friends embark on an adventure they will never forget!


I asked the kids what they thought of it. Here is how the conversation went:

(Sam – 6 year old)
Did you like The Jungle Bunch movie? No.
Why not? It’s for babies.

Ummm… okay boyo. If it doesn’t have action or shooting or fighting or Lego, it doesn’t rate in his book. Do you have (or have had) a 6 year old boy? Is this just a stage of growing up?

(Amelia – 4 year old)
Did you like the film? Yes! The monkey is sooooo cute. Can I watch it again, now? Please, please, please. PLEASE? NOW!

And she proceeded to press the open button on the DVD player put the DVD in there and then bring me the remote controls.

So there you have it. What my kids thought of The Jungle Bunch. Mixed reviews, which I kind of expected.

Thanks to Universal Pictures, I have a copy of The Jungle Bunch to giveaway.

Open to Australian Residents ONLY and ends on 29 July 2012.


  1. Sounds like a reasonable response from a six year old boy!

  2. I love the response from your 6 year old. My four year old has just started the "No Girls" phase. Apparently his Lego is for boys only!! Not sure that is ok as he has a lot of my old Lego.
    We went to the Little Big Shots today and saw "Acorn Boy" - I would definitely expand on this film if I could, it was so cute. If you can get to a performance I would strongly recommend it, my two loved it, especially "Acorn Boy".

  3. This sounds so cute. I like how the responses where so different. Remeinds me of my two. They were the same. My son wanted the same as yours and my daughter wanted to see it over and over.


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