27 June 2012

Charlie and Lola – I am really, really, REALLY concentrating {DVD Giveaway}

 Winners are: Amy R and Clare F

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'I have this little sister Lola. She is small and very funny…'

This is how each episode of Charlie and Lola begins.

We love Charlie and Lola at our house. We watch the show on the telly regularly. I have even bought and downloaded some episodes through iTunes onto my iPhone – for emergencies.

charlie and lola

My little girl loves it when I say, “I have a little Amelia. She is small and very funny.” Sometimes I replace funny with whatever the mood of the day is. For example “I have a little Amelia. She is small and very ticklish/smelly/wriggly…”

My kids love the show and I do too. I love how Charlie is the most patient big brother on the planet and I hope that Sam (the big brother in our house) learns some Charlie patience too.

Lola is funny. I love how she speaks. I love how she thinks. She is a perfectly quirky character with tonnes of personality.

Newly released on DVD is Charlie and Lola – I am really, really, REALLY concentrating.

Charlie and Lola - I am really really really concentrating

This DVD includes the following episodes from Series 1, 2 & 3:

I am Hurrying, I’m Almost Nearly Ready
Say ‘Cheese’
I Want to Play Music Too
My Best Best Bestest Friend
I am Really, Really, Really Concentrating
Too Many Big Words
I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses
I am Inventing a Usefullish Invention
I am Making a Craze
I Can’t Stop Hiccupping

Amelia received it last week and has been reviewing it. Today was a particularly cold day, so she “reviewed” it again. I asked her what she thought of the DVD, to which she answered “I love it!”

Nothing else to be said really.

Thanks to Roadshow Entertainment, I have 2 copies of Charlie and Lola – I am really, really, REALLY concentrating to giveaway.

This giveaway is open to Australian Residents ONLY and ends at midday on 15 July 2012.

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  1. My kids favourite TV Show would have to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

  2. my grandies love any cartoon,its a great way to keep them busy when i need to do something,thank heavons for these DVD's.xx

  3. Charlottes fave is Charlie and Lola

  4. My Charlotte (Charlie) has 3 fave's, Dora, Charlie and Lola and DirtGirl World

  5. I always wanted a big brother!

  6. My kids favourite tv show at the moment is Lizzie McGuire (for the older two), whilst little miss loves Play School and any ABC Kids shows

  7. My kids love ABC2! Although at the moment they have a Looney Tunes DVD that they watch constantly and it is driving me crazy!

  8. I HATE to say it, but it's The Simpsons.

  9. My kids are a little bit nutty about Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu at the moment.. who doesn't love lego?

  10. The girls like Barbie. Anything princessy as well :)
    Penny Spreitzer

  11. I love Charlie and Lola. They are so cute.

  12. At the moment it's Peppa Pid - but who knows what it will be tomorrow

  13. My older child's absolute favourite show is The Octonauts and the younger one is currently obsessed with Peppa Pig.

  14. Octonauts is favourite right now.

  15. Riley's favourite show is Charlie and Lola. (I just asked him!)

  16. My daughter's favourite show was Fireman Sam for the last 2 years (so obsessed with have the dvds, toys, helmet etc!).... suddenly she doesn't want to watch Fireman Sam anymore she wants to watch Captain Mack! Everything is now Captain Mack this Captain Mack that!!

  17. Charlie and Lola and diary of a whimpy kid movies

  18. My four year old boy loves Octonauts and Dinosaur Train while my two year old girl loves Mister Maker and Fireman Sam

  19. My grandson adores Charlie and Lola, even acting out some of the stories himself, like opening other people's presents and calling out loudly for Mum if he has a sniffle!

  20. So many!!! Charlie and Lola, play school, mister maker, Dora, Timmy time and loads loads more! If I let them they would sit all day with the remote.

  21. This week Grandpa in my Pocket, last week Octonauts...

  22. My youngest loves Sesame Street, esp Elmo... I don't think he's alone!

  23. How do you pick just one when they sit glued to any that I let them watch :)


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