27 May 2012

Road testing the Sony HX750

Analogue television will be switched off – very soon. In my area, it will be switched off on 5 June 2012.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year (if not longer), you’ll have seen the ads, warning us to upgrade our televisions – or losing the ability to watch our favourite shows.

I know! It would be tragic to miss out on The Voice and Masterchef. Well I think so, anyways. They’re my two most favourite shows right now! Are you hooked on them like I am?

At our house, we mostly watch our old analogue television which is really on it’s last legs. It’s big and bulky and has been great for our family.

It is heavy. Yes, very heavy… which has been a great because I know the kids can’t tip it over. They could touch the screen and then it was an easy wipe to remove the sticky fingerprints.

As they get older, they’re becoming a little bit more responsible… and can control their urge to touch the television or press random buttons… well most of the time. This means we can start to have nice things.

When Sony asked if I was interested in trialling their new Sony Bravia HX750 television – I was quick to jump at the chance. I mean really – who wouldn’t want to try out a new television? A 3D television at that!

Sony HX750

For the technical details of the 46” Sony HX750, visit the Sony site HERE.

I’m basing my review as a mum, and how it suited our family needs. Here’s what I (we) thought about it.

It’s big with awesome picture quality. For such a big television, I’d expected it to look more pixelated, but it’s clear and the picture is great.

The sound is quite good as is. We’ve already packed up the surround sound (for our upcoming move) so it would have been great to see how that worked with the Sony HX750.

It is WiFi integrated, which means I can access the internet, through the television. I know - too cool!!

You can chat on twitter or Facebook while watching television. I do this normally, but with my iPhone and the television playing in the background – with this new Sony HX750, you can do it all, on the one television.

It is easy to work. We have plugged in the DVD player and the Wii. Kids being clever and techno savvy these days, quickly learnt how to change the channel to work everything. I had to ask Sam (who is 6) which button I had to press to get back to the regular channels.

The remote is quite simple and easy to work. It doesn’t have a squillion buttons to figure out. I like this fact. Very much.


Sony HX750 Remote


You can press the “Guide” button and the tv guide appears. I’m super excited by this little feature. We have Austar (or Foxtel for you city folk) and have that feature on pay television, but haven’t had it on our regular television.

And now for the big feature – it’s a 3D television. It comes with a set of the most brilliant 3D glasses (not like the flimsy ones you get at the cinema). The only drawback is that if the whole family wants to sit and watch a 3D movie, you need to buy extra glasses.

It is thin, lightweight and doesn’t take up much width space. Check out this side view image.

Sony HX750 - side view


All in all, I think it is a fabulous television and if you’re in the market for a new one, make sure you have a look at the Sony HX750. Yes it is a television, but it is also a premium entertainment experience.


Unfortunately, all too quickly, our time with the Sony HX750 is coming to an end. It’s time we go out and buy a new television to replace our big analogue box… but if Sony want to give us one of these new televisions, I wouldn’t say no *hint, hint*.


Are you digital ready?

And more importantly, who is your favourite to win The Voice and Masterchef?


  1. I hope your analog to digital goes better then in America. Unless you are literally next door to an antenna there is NO signal or a pixalated signal. Storms usually cause all signals to pixalate and if you have the least bit of interference there is not just some fuzziness in the picture there is pixalation and you cant hear or see anything.

  2. We bought a new television last year - it's a Toshiba and we are happy with it. We bought an SD digital, which we wall-mounted, for the family room when we redecorated in 2007; we hardly ever watch it now we have our larger digital television; so, yes, we are digital ready.

    I have never seen an episode of MasterChef in all the years it has been on, and watched only two episodes of The Voice (I was waiting to see how "the singer who happens to be blind" performed). You might have guessed that I don't like reality television, particularly those designed to being out the worst in people (which I realise is not true of the two programs you mention which, I'm told, try to focus on the positive).

  3. Darn...I thought you were giving away a TV! And just what we need too! LOL

    1. I would love to give away a tv!! Maybe Sony will be generous :)

  4. Looks great. I have a Sony DVD player which is good but would love the TV to go with it. We are digital ready but would love a bigger TV. I like Audry and Delvinda in Masterchef but think Mindy will win. Enjoy the TV and perhaps they will forget to pick it up!


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