15 May 2012

Play School “Arts and Crafts” {DVD Giveaway} *CLOSED*

Winners are: Mhairi and Waverlee

Art and Craft is a big part of daily life in the Samelia’s Mum household.

I play with fabric and Mr tinkers away on this wood lathe. Both our children also have a crafty streak and I love to encourage them to pursue it and express themselves.

ABC for Kids have released themed series on DVD. Today, we watched (while colouring, gluing and stamping) the Play School Arts and Crafts DVD.

This series aims to encourage children to develop self expression, creativity and an awareness of the world around them using a range of activities, stories and films that are enjoyable and informative.

Justine, Andrew, Jonny, Teo, Leah and Emma, paint and paste, pour, squish and squeeze, as they have fun exploring all sorts of ways to create pictures and sculptures.

In this series Play School visits some well-known artists and watches them work, and sets up its own gallery. There are also great games, stories, songs and your favourite Play School toys.

Thanks to Roadshow, I have 2 (two) copies of Play School – Arts and Crafts, to giveaway.

Leave a comment telling me:

Are your kids crafty?
What sorts of crafts do you like to do, with your child, at home?

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  1. Oh yay!! We LOVE Playschool - in fact, I think we have all but a couple!!! ... My daughter, at 4, is definitely crafty! She loves drawing, colouring, cutting and pasting ... and if I let her, she would paint every day, lol!! She's also showing interest in Mummy's sewing, enjoying standing next to me and watching while I work on the machine!! I've got a few hand-sewing projects to pull out in the next couple of months to work on with her too ... looking forward to that!! ... Thanks for the opportunity! *All fingers and toes are crossed!!*

  2. My kids love to craft. If I am sewing they are sitting on my lap, "helping". When I am making something for them they choose the fabrics etc. They love to paint, use playdough and bake. Sometimes I wish they were less inclined to be crafty but then I realise how much fun it is to share this aspect of my life with them.
    It is wonderful to be able to share my passion for craft with my children.
    PS - We love playschool and don't have this one yet!

  3. My grand-children are crafty they all like to help me making cards or anything in felt,the two older ones have made felt bears that sit on their beds.xx

  4. My daughter loves to follow along with Mr Maker I love to watch to see what she comes up with very cute!!

  5. My boys love playschool! They both love to paint and make collages.

  6. My son loves Playschool! He isn't really overly crafty but we do different craft activities at playgroup. He does love to play with my fabric though :)


    We love doing craft at home, we love drawing together, lots of cutting and glueing, my daughter has a ball getting glue everywhere, and even glueing her hands and then peeling it off like its her skin, it cracks her up lol

  8. My daughter is Playschool's biggest fan and so am I when 3pm arrives in the afternoon...! My daughter loves placing stickers in her scrapbook or drawing. She loves being creative so this DVD would be a much loved favourite in our household!

  9. My parents have an old car in their back yard and every time we go to visit, the kids are allowed to paint the car all the colours of the rainbow. Over the years it has been pink with purple love hearts, black with bats shapes (Batmobile?!)and now it has splotches of sunflower yellow. It's a fantastic idea because it gets the kids out in the fresh air, letting their imagination and creative juices flow. Every time we leave they are always enthusiastically volunteering new ideas for the next visit :)


  10. Ones that use sticky tape and not glue! Messy we can't use glitter or tiny paper cut outs but we still make some great creations.

  11. My kids love craft - the eldest is all about drawing and being creative with texta/oil pastels/crayons. My little girls love scissors, glue and stickers. PS - we also love playschool!

  12. My son 3.5 is just getting into playschool and complains when it's over now. We love to do painting and gluing. He also loves his felt board.

  13. My kids love painting, themselves that is. Mr 3 is always stripping his clothes off so he can paint himself. Who needs paper when you can go tribal?! Perhaps Playschool Arts and Craft could inspire him in other ways with paint!

  14. We've started making cute "critters" from egg cartons and little Cooper has a great time saying what creature he wants to make

  15. With two boys, crafts consists of creating outdoors fun...sandpit castles or painting the fence ( with water) or drawing pictures with water colours.

  16. playschool is awesome, we often make things shown on playschool... all of my kids are crafty and they love making things :)


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