Proud Soccer Mum

My boy plays soccer.

He’s not the best player on the field, but what he lacks in skill, he makes up for in enthusiasm and defence.


Soccer Sam


When I say defence, I mean he gets in the other teams way, so they run into  him. He’s like a the brick wall, so the smaller kids often bounce off him. Defence. He’s good at it.

After a bye on the first week and a rained out second week, they had their first game yesterday.

Here is a rare moment when he’s actually kicking the ball and involved in the action. He’s all about defence, remember.




I sat on the side-lines, alternately cheering, taking photos or playing with my phone.

They play 4 to a side in 2 x 15 minute halves.

Really it’s not long, but when my little lady gets bored 3 minutes into it, it’s tedious. I bribe her with a sausage sizzle - which I have to say, smells absolutely divine at 8:45 in the morning.

Who won the game? Who knows!

Are you a soccer mum?

Do you love it, or would you prefer a Saturday morning sleep-in?


  1. I was once with my older boys we didn't start the littles this year starting Kindy and settling into our tree change was enough.

  2. Oops his publish too early - he looks very pleased with himself and the defense are the backbones of the team.

  3. Are the twins enjoying soccer this year? I love their enthusiasm!

  4. Yes all 4 played, the boys from about under 9's and are still playing in all age, the girls started later and by the time they were teenagers were playing in a womens competition, Elizabeth these days plays in a touch comp in Melbourne. Add a husband who still wants to play who at 56 and no bits connected in his left knee, it would be on his own head if he went and played.
    Once a soccer mum always a football mum, enjoy the many years to come and when your little miss wants to play let her, she will have a ball

  5. No soccer, only one game of team sports ever - she played one game of netball then twisted her foot resulting in a hairline fracture the following Wednesday! But I well remember dancing lessons, and physical culture, and tumbling (one term only) and arguing about swimming lessons every Saturday, especially once she started Butterfly! And I remember swimming training before school and meets on cold winter nights. I was there when the horse refused the jump but she took it! And when the horse turned left but she went right. I stopped watching after that!

  6. One of my sons quit playing in the middle of a soccer game once to chase a butterfly! He was only 5 yrs. old at the time and much more of an intellectual than a "jock". He's grown now and still not a big fan of sports except for a few big games. My two young grandchildren LOVE sports and are very good at them.

  7. My son always played soccer, and hopefully will do so again this year, but now he's old enough that most times we just drop him off, and pick him up an hour and a half later. Sometimes I will sit and cheer, but then I take knitting, crocheting or something to do with me, so I won't become

  8. Oh he looks so good in his soccer gear. Sounds like he make a very good defence player! Love the photos

  9. You know as a kid I was in soccer (and softball, basketball, volleyball, and track), but NONE of my 3 kids have been athletic! But I stand beside whatever they choose! :) Oldest is band, middle is...(special needs) having fun wherever it comes, and the boy is a scout so fishing derbys and campouts!! I love my kids!!
    And they NEVER have to be the best, just the best THEY can be :)

  10. One thing I miss a lot about my childrren having grown up is going and watching their sports... it was always quite a social occasion and I just loved watching them have fun...

  11. Its grand to see his enthusiasm!!! What it is the old saying? Participation is more important than winning.

  12. I think the sleep in, though the kids are very cute.

  13. No I am not a soccer Mum but I do admire the dedication of every soccer/sports Mum out there!

  14. I was a soccer mom. When he started working games (and he couldn't drive) I would volunteer in the concession stand. I had a great time passing out drinks to those sweaty players!

    1. We have a sausage sizzle in the mornings - and geez they smell good.

  15. Yep, proud soccer mum here too. :)


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