18 April 2012

LEGO® Games {Giveaway}

We’re half way through the NSW school holidays… it’s been fun and really quite relaxing, but finding ways to keep the kids entertained are starting to run low.

Sure I can let them sit in front of the television or play the Wii, but I do like for them to use their brains – well, some of the time at least.

LEGO® Games are back with a bang this year, bigger and better than ever!
Using LEGO bricks, kids can enjoy the achievement of building their own board games, whilst engaging in healthy competition with their friends and family.

Have you seen the ads on telly? Let me re-phrase, have your kids seen the ads on telly and told you about them? Mine have certainly been vocal about using their birthday money to buy a game, plus more Lego. They think we don’t have enough Lego. The giant crate just isn’t big enough.

We were sent a couple of the new Lego games to try out. To say they were excited is an understatement.

The first game we tried was Kokoriko (RRP $14.99)

Lego Games Kokoriko

Join the fun down on the farm! Gather the colourful chickens to collect the most eggs. Luck and speed will help you get the rooster, grab the worm and get ahead, but watch out for egg thieves. A fun egg collecting game for 2–4 players.

Miss Amelia claimed this as hers straight away. Luckily, grandparents were visiting so they got to help the kids set it up - while I had the hard task of being photgrapher ;-)

Kokoriko 4

It’s a little bit tricky for their little fingers, but the concept of the game is simple for little ones (Amelia is 4) to grasp. It takes about 10 - 15 minutes for a game to be played, so the perfect amount of time before their interest wanes.

Kokoriko 1

I highly recommend this one for your little ones, who might just be getting into board type games and Lego.

The other game we received was Mini-Taurus (RRP $22.99) which Sam thought was pretty cool.


This one is rated 7+ and if it weren’t for grandad’s help, it would have taken a while longer to set up. But the good thing is once the board game is set up, it can stay set up and ready for play next time.

Lego Games Mini-Taurus

The idea behind this game is to move the Minotaur to attack the other heroes, or move the walls to block them! Mini-Taurus is a quick and clever race game for 2–4 players.

This one was a little trickier to grasp, but I can see they’ll play this game more in the future or with their older cousins. It’s great to see their brains working  and trying to figure out their next moves.

Mini-Taurus 2

Both of these Lego games are small enough and portable enough that we can take them with us when we go away for the weekend or when we go and visit with friends.

Plus, if the kids don't want to read the rules, they can always make up their own. I can actually hear them in the other room now, making up their own rules to Kokoriko... it involves a lot of noise and yelling but that is part of playing a board game with your siblings, isn't it?

The other two Lego games out now are:

CITY Alarm (RRP $29.99) which is a chase on the streets of LEGO City! Can the thieves get the money without setting off the alarm, or will the police catch up with them and put them all in jail? Everyone must think ahead if they want to win!

Star Wars™: The Battle of Hoth™ (RRP $49.99) Darth Vader has discovered Luke Skywalker’s secret base on the remote ice planet of Hoth™, and Imperial ground forces are ready to attack! The Battle for Hoth™ has begun in an exciting game of strategy and luck.

With thanks to Lego, two very, VERY lucky Samelia’s Mum readers have the chance to win all 4 of the games. Yes, you read that right – win all 4 of the Lego games (valued at almost $120 RRP).

To be in the running, tell me in 50 words or less which show, movie or characters you’d like to see turned into Lego?

*** If you are entering as an anonymous commenter, please include your name & email address in the comment (so I can contact you if you win).

Terms and Conditions:
Open to Australian residents only.
Giveaway will close at midday on Sunday 29 April 2012.
Be Creative with your answer. Judge’s decision will be final.
Winner will be announced here on Samelia’s Mum.

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