23 April 2012

Disney On Ice presents Let’s Celebrate! {4 x Family Passes to Giveaway}


Wollongong: Anon (Kate), 3 times a mum
Sydney: LisaW, Sue

Well the kids are back at school this week. The school holidays have been fun, but seriously, it’s time to get their brains back into gear.

As a reward (or maybe, it’s more of a bribe) for working hard at school this term, I’ll be taking my kiddies to Disney On Ice presents Let’s Celebrate! in June.
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They’re 4 and 6, so if there is anything that can get them motivated, to work hard and try their best, it’s Disney. In a few years, I’ll have to resort to techno gadgets and games, but for now, I’m going to enjoy them being young.

Disney On Ice presents Let’s Celebrate! brings more than 50 Disney characters, to Australia for one colossal party on ice!

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This action-packed, all-new show features a magical montage of celebrations and is set to a blend of contemporary music and favourite Disney songs.

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Produced by Feld Entertainment, Disney On Ice presents Let’s Celebrate! is opening in Wollongong on 14 June and travels to Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide until 22 July.
We’ll be at the Wollongong show, with our Mickey Mouse ears on and taking in  all the excitement, which is Disney.
2012 National Tour Dates
Wollongong - WIN Entertainment Centre 14 - 17 June (Thurs – Sun)
Newcastle - Newcastle Entertainment Centre 21 - 24 June (Thurs – Sun)
Brisbane - Brisbane Entertainment Centre 28 June - 1 July (Thurs – Sun)
Melbourne - Hisense Arena, Melbourne 4 - 9 July (Wed – Mon)
Sydney – All Phones, Sydney Olympic Park 11 - 16 July (Wed – Mon)
Adelaide - Adelaide Entertainment Centre 19 - 22 July (Thurs - Sun)
For more information, visit call Ticketek: 132 849 or visit their website
DOI2012 finale

With thanks to Disney and it’s promoters, I have 4 x Family Passes to giveaway to some lucky Samelia’s Mum readers. Oh yeah!!

2 x family passes to the Wollongong show on 14 June 2012
2 x family passes to the Sydney show on 12 July 2012
To enter the giveaway, in 50 words or less, tell me:

Which Disney character you love the most and why?
Also, please let me know if you prefer tickets to Wollongong, Sydney or Either. Please note that this is a preference only.

*** If you are entering as an anonymous commenter or if you are a no-reply@blogger, please include your name & email address in the comment (so that I can contact you, if you win).

Terms and Conditions
Open to Australian residents only.
Total Prize Pool (RRP $540) approx.
Giveaway will close at Midday on Monday 7 May 2012.
Be Creative with your answer. The judge’s decision will be final.
Winner will be announced here on Samelia’s Mum.


  1. My kids would love to go to Disney on Ice (Wollongong)! Thanks for the chance to win Anorina. My favourite character is Donald oldie but a goodie. I love the way he speaks, and laughs, and how he gets frustrated...too funny.

  2. Would love to take my family to Disney On Ice In Sydney please.
    We love Micky Mouse he has lots of fun and so cute.

    Twitter @KazEdwards23

  3. We would love to go to the Wollongong show (but don't really mind which one!).

    We love Buzz Lightyear because he thinks he can fly and can dance really well in Spanish!


  4. I love Mickey the best because when I got really sick for a week Mommy put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and it made me forget I was sick. I would love to go see them on ice, but my Mommy is cheap, so maybe I can win some tickets....

    -Hannah 2.5 years old (prefers Sydney show)

  5. Tinkerbell, what a gal, a true, loyal and loving pal. Inventive mind, she'll find the solution, especially to prevent pollution. Girl of strength, anything she'll fix, a modern role model for my chicks.

    Sydney if possible but we would happily take a trip to Wollogong for Disney!

  6. Hi we would actually love to go to the Newcastle show but we would make the trip to Sydney if we won, family fun for everyone ;-)

  7. Me personally , I love Snow White. I remember going to the movies and seeing it. Snow White was is the perfect beautiful Princess who gets Prince Charming in the end.

    I would like the Sydney tickets

  8. Hi Anorina! We would LOVE to win the Wollongong tickets. My favourite Disney character is Woody from Toy Story because he his thoughts and emotions are just like a real person. And my favourite saying with my kids at the moment is "so play...NICE".
    I'm at

  9. Snow White because she sees the good in everyone, loves animals and being kind which goes a long way even in today's cynical techno world!!


    We don,t have a preference for location.
    My girls absolutely love Cinderella. A true fairy tale from rags to riches and she still remained humble. My girls love your sweet singing voice and beautiful face. They say she is beautiful on the inside and outside. They also love how she worked so hard body else and never had time for helself but made do with what she had. She was so unselfish and a amazing young lady. The value of being yourself and making the most out of every opportunity is a lesson that cinderella teaches us all.

    Thankyou for this opportunity

  11. Mickey Mouse- he makes my daughter smile, she was born premature and has so many social problems. But for some bizarre reason "Mickey's Watching You!" makes her behave. Kinda like Santa or something! My 3 girls and me would love SYDNEY xoxo

    Amanda from Amanda's Mummy Jeans

  12. From the mouth of my five-year-old (who would prefer the Wollongong show) - 'I like Buzz Lightyear, because he can fly!'

  13. My girl loves Jessie because this character shows her that a girl can do just as much as a boy and I love this role model for her. Sydney would be our preference.
    S Collett

  14. My fav would have to be Dopey as he is so cute and lovable you just want to sqeeze those checks or ears can't choose, plus he dosen't talk so he can't chat back lol. but I love him casue he is cute and I would love to win some tickets, the boys love it xx

  15. Mickey Mouse won my heart many (should put another MANY in there!) years ago and it is gorgeous to see he has the same effect on my 3 beautiful children. Mickey can stop the tears, bring out big smiles and is always there to cuddle at night.

    We would love to win the tickets to Sydney please.

    Janelle (

  16. I'd love to be goofy, because he doesn't care what people think, he knows how to have a good time and people love him no matter what!
    My kids would love this, we're in Melbourne.

  17. Ever since I was a kid I loved Ariel, self conscious of my hair my whole life she was a beautiful princess who had the same hair as me. I still know it word for word 20 years later

  18. Miss 4 says Ariel because she has beautiful long hair and she always tries to help people :)

    Wollongong Thanks :o)

  19. My favourite Disney characters are Ariel and Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid. Ariel has a beautiful voice and I love singing her songs with my kids (and my friends many years ago...or alone in my car) and Sebastian has the greatest French accent.

    Thanks for this opportunity. Our preference would be the Wollongong show.

  20. My boys favourite Character is Woody from Toy Story. In their own words, this is why... "Woody knows how to treat his friends nicely and shows them love." It is really lovely to see that children can still learn old fashioned values from Disney Characters. I would love the opportunity to give them this experience. (wollongong)


  22. Mickey Mouse. Over the years Mickey’s body became rounder and his face more expressive, but Mickey has maintained his heartwarming personality that ive come to love!!



  23. My favourite Disney characters are the 3 little fairies in Sleeping Beauty. They were always so colourful and so very nice. I never knew their names and I still don't but they just put a smile on my face every time I see them.

    Sydney please
    Thank you

  24. I’m one of seven,
    “Cinderella” epitomises heaven,
    As a child I too had a wicked step-mother who caused much pain,
    Transported to “Cinderella’s” world I could relate and hope I did gain,
    Determination I did sustain,
    My dream came true so we can toast to “Cinderella” with sumptuous champagne!

    Sydney preferred.

  25. My favourite is Simba. He is cheeky, loyal, mischevious and stubborn!Just like my 3 year old!!

  26. Mickey had me at "Hello",
    he has always had my heart,
    and now my daughter loves him,
    he is our favourite star!

  27. PS - Sydney please!

  28. Tinkerbell, she whispers...every morning when I dress her;
    Eyes glancing to the cupboard, for the wings she keeps covered.
    Fairy wishes for my princess...eyes teary when I tell her
    We're seeing Tink in Sydney...come along let's see her!


    We love goofy because he is so funny and clumsy and has so much fun. And we love to goof around like goofy


  30. Baloo the Bear from Jungle Book is just so darn cool! If I'm stressed out I just say to myself "yeahhh! Nice! Fall apart in my back yard!" Would send my sister-in-law and her two littlies to the show. They sure need a break! Wolly for pref.


    Prefer Sydney Show

    Ariel from the Little Mermaid. My daughter would love to have a tail and explore under the sea and to talk to all the fish and dolphins and whales.


  32. We love Daisy Duck. Who else could get away with wearing those bloomers and crop top and still look amazingly innocent and cute? Michele from Sydney

  33. sydney please... :)
    we are definetly toy story fans,and woody is #1 in this household.

  34. My little girl loves Jessie the Cowgirl, such a loyal friend to Bullseye;
    If we won tickets to Sydney we'd be on such a high!

  35. My daughters favourite disney character is Ariel. She loves the idea of a whole new world under the sea with special places to explore and treasures to collect.

    We would love to go to the Sydney show.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Donna Turner

  36. PONGO! 101 Dalmations. The song about Cruella make me giggle like a child. My children think I am nuts. We would love tickets to the Sydney show!

  37. Belle from Beauty and the Beast - opening her kind spirited heart to the Beast she teaches us a very valuable lesson - Looks don't really matter, its what's inside that counts!

    Sydney show tickets please