15 March 2012

School holiday entertainment {DVD Giveaways}

School holidays are just around the corner.

In only a couple of weeks the kids will be home, looking for things to do. Looking to be entertained… and probably driving you (and me) bananas.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love school holidays. Those morning sleep-ins are magical stuff.

For 2 blissful weeks, there is no rush to get the kids fed, dressed and out the door before the school bell rings.

No fighting over brushing teeth and finding shoes… and don’t get me started on those missing library books.

These school holidays, we have a few activities lined up to make them fun for the kids, but there will be afternoons of relaxing time too.

This is where Roadshow Entertainment come in.

Roadshow Entertainment have a range television shows, which kids love, available on DVD.

Many of my kids favourite shows from the BBC or CBeebies are now available.

Would you like to win some DVD’s to keep your children entertained these school holidays? Thanks to Roadshow Entertainment, Samelia’s Mum readers have the chance to win 1 of 2 prizes.


Prize # 1

This pack of DVD’s for the younger ones, which includes the latest episodes of:

Lazy Town

In The Night Garden

Timmy Time

Angelina Ballerina (Amelia’s ABSOLUTE favourite!! Mice which dance, what’s not to like?)


Easter Holiday Giveaway 1


Prize # 2:

Have your kids discovered Dino Dan yet? My son loves this show. It seems there are dinosaurs everywhere, but only Dan sees them. Fantastic show which teaches kids about dinosaurs - in a fun (and funny) way.

When we received the box of DVD’s from Roadshow, Dino Dan was the first one they wanted to watch.

Dino Dan (Vol 2 Dinosicles)


Dino Dan 2


What do you have to do win?

Firstly, I’d love if you were a follower of my blog. If you don’t have a google account, you can receive a notice via email every time I have a new blog post. Register your email address, up there on the right side bar.

I have lots of giveaways coming up over the next couple of weeks, so if you receive my feed, you’ll know about them first. Good idea, right?


Leave a comment (on this post) telling me which prize you’d prefer PLUS tell me:


What have you got planned for the Easter school holidays?


Anonymous entries are welcome – just make sure you include your email address so I can contact you if you’re the winner.

Feel free to share this giveaway with your friends and family.


T and C’s:

This giveaway is open to Australian Residents ONLY.

Giveaway is open until midday Friday, 24 March 2012 (AEDST).

The winner will be announced here on my blog.






Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was given for this review. I did, however, receive a copies of these DVDs for review. All opinions are my own or of my family, where applicable.


  1. I'd love prize one. This Easter we will be spending lots of time with the family. And celebrating a few birthdays.

  2. Haven't heard about Dino Dan - so that'd be my choice I think! (Plus I really can't stand Lazy Town - is that just me?!)

    No big Easter holiday plans here - how boring!

    Love the picture at the end of your post!

    1. My kids love Dino Dan. I think it's fairly new on Aussie tv.

      TBH - I don't mind Lazy Town.

      Yo Gabba Gabba on the other hand - drives me CRAZY!

  3. Prize one please - we are big In the Night Garden fans! We might join some friends camping these holidays.

  4. oh I'd love Dino \Dan for the grandsons to watch......Easter will be spent playing as much as I can with them.

  5. We'd love prize pack number one please.
    This Easter holidays I'll be able to finally take my kids wherever they like as I now have my driver licence after finally overcoming my fear of driving!
    I plan to take them bowling, to the movies and to visit their grandparents. :)

  6. THey all look great but I chose prize pack one. Over Easter I hope to catch up with friends, sewing & sleep! Tracee xx

  7. Hi Anorina. What a great giveaway. My boys would love the Dino Dan prize pack. Our Easter holidays this year will be spent at home as Roma has a huge Easter in the Country Festival - so we will be able to 'do' the festival stuff and not have to travel. I am loving that.

  8. Aside from Easter we have our wedding anniversary, my birthday, my mums birthday and a few others so lots of parties for us it seems, plus a trip to Canberra hopefully.

    I'd love prize pack number 1, my daughters love Angelina.

    I follow via GFC and my contact is savvymumma @

    1. Wow - busy holidays!! They'll fly by for you :-)

  9. This is our first school holidays. Angus started 3yo this year. I am looking forward to not running with him, getting up in the morning and if its a nice day going for a picnic in the park. Catching up with mum and friends whos schedules clash with our school and playgroup times.

    We are going to do some baking, and SEWING lol.

    Angus would like to be entered into the younger DVD collection.

    Have fun on your school holidays

    1. Entertain the kids with a DVD and do some sewing. Sounds perfect to me ;-)

  10. This Easter I will be entertaining my Grandchildren - it's a favourite time of year, I especially love seeing their dear little faces whilst hunting for Easter eggs. The DVD's would be a wonderful form of entertainment for them (especially if it rains).....I have no real preference as to which pack but possibly pack one would be better suited as they are all under 6 years of age.

    (I follow you via Google)
    jj_hayes at bigpond dot com

    1. Oooh Easter Egg hunt. Love it!! I'm going to be good & crafty and make proper Easter baskets for the kids this year.

  11. I'd love prize pack 1 as we don't own any of those titles.
    We have joined Taronga Western Plains Zoo as they had a 35th Birthday special for the year for local's so I couldn't resist the great deal so I'd say we will get lots of use of our pass these Holidays.

    1. Mine love the zoo. We might try and visit Taronga zoo in Sydney these holidays. Last time we went, it poured... all day!

  12. Hi Samelia,
    The Dino Dan video would be fabulous as my little Josh (2 yrs old) calls me "mummy dine-o-saw", and I call him my "bubby dine-o-saw"!!! Very very cute stage of life!

    For our Easter holidays we hope to have a big rest, visit grandparents, possibly go camping...most important of all we are going to have a great time celebrating Christ's resurrection with family and friends!!!

    I already follow you and receive your posts via email is
    Wishing you a relaxing holiday with yours.

    1. Oh too cute Jessica!! Have a lovely Easter xo

  13. I think I'd prefer #1, but my son would love #2. Only plan so far is to go to the Easter Show!

    1. Love the Easter show. Have fun!!

      I haven't taken my kids to the Easter show - yet. Hopefully this year we'll go.

  14. we have 3 generations off(intra-state) to a wedding over easter, and would be happy to win any dvd that suits my 3 year old granddaughter..Thanks for the great blogs!!

  15. We'd love Prize #2 - the Dino Dan DVD - my 4 year old loves watching Dinosaur Train followed by Harry & his Bucket of Dinosaurs followed by Dino Dan - in the mornings - he just loves dinosaurs!

    For Easter, we're spending the weekend at a rented holiday house with two other families - 6 adults and 5 kids 4 and under so should be a hoot! Not to mention the amount of eggs I am predicting!

  16. My son would love prize 1. He likes In The Night Garden :) I don't really have anything specific planned for easter school holidays as my son isn't at school yet. Probably swimming and trips to the park, along with lots of quality family time :)

  17. Hi Anorina we are all camping this easter so it should be heaps of fun,either DVD pack will do as they all suit the ages of my Grand-children.xx

  18. Hey Anorina :) I'd love to win either pack - my daughter's dance school has just become an official Angelina Ballerina Academy, so she'd go crazy for that Angelina DVD, but my son loves Dino Dan so it would be a win-win either way!

    My SIL is due to have her baby on the Easter weekend, so I'll become and aunty for the very first time sometime real soon now! And I'll also be celebrating my 1st wedding anniversary with my husband on the 12th April (we've been together 12 years though!).

  19. I would LOVE to win Prize #1 for my 18 month old. We watch very limited TV but In The Night Garden is her very favourite and it would be so lovely to have the DVD option! In the easter hols life will continue much as normal for us excpet there will be no swim school or Steiner playgroup but hopefully her dad will get some time off work and we'll be going swimming regardless and taking mroe trips to the beach than usual, and generally just enjoying the beginnings of the new season :)
    p.s. I subscribe to your blog and have tried to comment using google profile but for some reason it flicks between pages and won't load and allow me, don't know if that's just me. Will try to leave an anon message instead.

  20. (previous comment!)

  21. We would love to win either pack....these holidays my kids are at an age to travel. So we are going to spend the holidays in the hunter valley while their daddy works! The DVDs would be a welcome few hours peace when they are a little anxious waiting for daddy to come back from work! IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS ON CHILD ACTIVITIES TO DO UP IN THAT AREA IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED!

  22. This Easter break my son turns 5 years old, so we will be busy cooking and organising his birthday party. I'm still unsure of the theme for his party, we have done the fluffy animals, jumping castles, if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate them. We will be celebrating Easter so that means lots of family functions.

    My preference is for the 1st pack.

    Happy Easter to all.


  23. Prize Pack one would be a super hit with my family! 2 girls and they love all of those shows. However I may have to send the Timmy Time to my niece who lives in the USA (when my eldest is not looking) as she loves Timmy Time and it isn't on there very often.
    This school holidays I think we will head to the ginger factory and super bee on the coast, both things my girls will love!


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