28 March 2012

I want a pet Lorax!!

My friend Tracy rocks! Not only is she fun to hang out with, really funny after she’s had a glass or 3 of wine, but she’s also super generous.

Tracy won a family pass to a special early screening of The Lorax on Sunday morning. It isn’t due to hit the cinemas in Australia til the end of this week.

My nephew, Hugo, was coming over for a playday on Sunday, so Tracy, being awesome and all, offered me her 4 tickets so I could take all of the kids to see the film. Awesome, right?

Lorax poster

The Lorax was funny.

And cute.

And had a fantastic message about caring for the environment.

And Danny Devito’s voice was perfect as the Lorax.

After the film, the general consensus between me and the 3 kids was that we should plant some trees in our garden PLUS go out to the pet shop and buy a pet Lorax.

Hmm… if only they sold cute orange furry creatures with big bushy moustaches at the pet shop!!

I went half way with them and printed up some Lorax colouring pages instead.

Lorax 2

The Lorax – go out and see it! Super fun for the kids … as well as the adults!!

My kids love going to the movies. The popcorn and the cup of soft drink as big as their heads. What is not to love?

Lorax 1

My one wish, on behalf of my daughter, is that they’d make kid-size 3D glasses. Amelia can’t wear them because they fall off her nose and face. Poor kid watches 3D films without them (so it’s all fuzzy).

3D glasses manufacturing companies, if you are reading this, please think of the children!!

Do you love going to the movies?
Or do you prefer to wait until films are out on DVD?


  1. I wan't one too he looks adorable...imagine snuggling up with him instead of a quilt! Gosh I hate 3D glasses they make them so ridiculously huge, which doesn't help even if you wear glasses!!

    1. I imagine he'd be very snuggly. Yes, glasses. I hadn't thought of that.

  2. Looking forward to taking Charlotte to this one...the best thing about grand kids is having a excuse to go to all the great movies.

    1. Yes, this is very true. My husband was so excited about The Muppets recently. The kids didn't want to go, but he bribed them with popcorn, so he could go and see it.

  3. Dont you just love the kids movies.........I have a little grandaughter and her Name is Elia

    1. Elia is such a pretty name! My great grandfather was Elias... or was it great great...

  4. That movie looks wonderful. My boys will be hanging out to see it. We have kid 3D glasses from Event Cinemas in the Myer Centre in Bris. I think we had to specifically ask.


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