20 February 2012

I don’t know how she does it {Review + Giveaway}

Hands up who has had creepy crawly little critters (otherwise known as lice) invade their hair, with thanks to their loving children? Yes - that is my hand you see going up.

My son lovingly shared his lice with me when he was in preschool. Okay, now hands up whose head is itchy and going for a discreet little scratch?

This is just one of the funny scenes from the film “I don’t know how she does it” starring Sarah Jessica Parker.


I don't know how she does it

Sarah Jessica Parker plays Kate Reddy – a hedge fund manager in Boston, who juggles her busy corporate jet-setting career, her children, husband and life.

Kate's life is a balancing act between her professional life and her responsibilities at home. Her ‘to-do’ list is enormous and she feels if she keeps adding things to her list, they will get done.

Her architect husband, played by Greg Kinnear, is a wonderful man, who along with the nanny,  often assumes most of the children related responsibilities – PLUS he’s not a ‘to-do’ list person.

Kate works on a new deal and we meet Jack Abelhammer (Pierce Brosnan). She is constantly travelling between Boston and NY and here we start to see some of the balls she has been juggling, begin to fall.

Based on Allison Pearson’s bestselling novel, I don’t know how she does it is a comedy for any working parent, though is immensely enjoyed by stay at home parents too (like me).

Have a look at the movie trailer here:



Would you like to win your very own copy of the DVD?

With thanks to Roadshow, I have 3 copies to giveaway to 3 lucky Samelia’s Mum readers. Yay!!


To win a DVD, please leave a comment telling me a time when you accomplished something and then thought to yourself, I don’t know how I did it!


If you are an anonymous entrant, please make sure you include your name (or email) on the comment.


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Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was given for this review. I did, however, receive a copy of this DVD for review. All opinions are my own or of my family, where applicable.


  1. For me, it would definatley have to be when I finally made up my mind to overcome my fear of driving, at the age of 32! I NEVER thought I would drive, let alone get a licence. I had zero confidence, and no belief in myself. I had three kids aged 7 and under and would get public transport. When I went shopping I took a jeep, and had the youngest in a pram; I'd try as best as I could to push both at the same time! (Yes, I used to think "How do I do it?") I knew I couldn't rely on buses, or friends or family forever so I took the plunge and booked lessons. The day I finally got my licence I thought "I don't know how I did it" But boy, am I glad I did!!!!!!!

  2. This movie looks hillarious.
    My"I don't know how I did it" only occured last week. To set the scene, I live in Roma and approx 2 weeks ago we flooded, I then had a knee operation and was unable to drive, hubby had to go away for work leaving me home with the 2 kids (and not able to drive). My eldest child got sick in the early hours of the morning and I mean really sick, so I threw the children in the car and rushed him to the doctor. No I was not supposed to drive, but 'mummy instinct' just kicked in. A few hours later and being told that both my boys had infections we were home again. Fast forward 2 days, hubby comes home, boys are on the mend and I am coming down with whatever the boys have. I collapse into bed with the icepack on my knee and ask myself "how did you do that" how did you drive etc?
    Glad I did though. Adrenaline must be a really good pain killer.

  3. I was in NC this spring visiting with my youngest daughter who was expecting her first child and heard that the state had taken my middle son's daughter(9mo) away from her mother. I had an over the phone conference call from NC and returned to AK. The next day we were finger printed, etc. and brought her home with us that day. We had her for 3 weeks before her mother got her back. We had only seen her a few times before that time, but God is good and showered us with His grace and patience with everyone involved.

  4. When my eldest was about six months old, I somehow managed to make two large quilts, one for each pair of parents. None of them knew about the other one's quilt and it was a total surprise to them all at Christmas. Yes, I certainly don't know how I did it!

  5. I completed a Grad Dip when pregnant/managing newborn. Went to a full on 2 day workshop/lecture/information overload when 8.5 months pregnant and completed 2000 word assignment while my daughter was 2-3 weeks old. I must have been mad!!

    1. Oh my goodness are a champ!

    2. Wow! Well done Bronwyn, that's inspirational! :)

  6. I look back over the years of having two beautiful children and three also super beautiful stepchildren, all a year apart and wonder how did I do all the cooking, school book covering, fights , fun and laughter.♥ I did it because i was organised and I absolutely loved it :)

  7. Looking back, having 2 children 16 months apart was a real challenge probably worse than twins, but I just got on and was the best mum I could be.
    These days my 31 and 30 year old daughter and son are great mates and parents to there own little people.
    Would I recommend it to anyone, only if they are crazy, it is hard work but the end result is wonderful

  8. I always over commit on birthday cakes!! I stress out that its not perfect but the end result always makes it worth it seeing the childs face :-)

  9. Um this week i have lost 5 kg with out even trying at all! :-) Cos when i do try i seem to add it on & on .......
    Did you not hear me jumping for joy and go all crazy early in the morning (i am sure the rest of the neighbours) heard me lol

  10. Sometimes I get that feeling when I arrive home and can't remember driving must kick in which is not a very good sign, I think I need more sleep!

  11. When I looked on the map it didn't seem very far but in reality driving from London to Whitby (via York) to Edinburgh (via Lindisfarne) to Lake Windamere (via Stirling) to London (via Satford-upon-Avon) in 4 days during Winter was friggin' madness. But I loved every minute of it! I have some great, driving in snow, sleet, rain, blizzard, darkness at 3pm, stories to tell.

  12. Sewing! Every time I have an order to get done, everything else goes awry! Kids won't go to sleep, sewing machine plays up, kids wake up. Ahh! Lucky I love sewing sooooo much!! :) And I'm considering doing a nursing course. What am I thinking?!

  13. I drove, all by myself, from South Carolina to Maine to visit with my family. I am in my mid fifties and never thought I would be brave enough to tackle the trip alone. Just a spot of courage and the grace of God and one can accomplish great things!!

  14. On May 24 we closed and packed up our business after 30 years......we were retiring......and sold our house and had to be packed and moved out by June 14TH......and we moved to our mountain house that we had owned for 11 the movers loaded our boxes in the house on the 14TH and we had to pack up that house so we could unpack our other house......well I thought we were never going to get it all done, but we did.....and everyone said how did you do that....and did I tell you we are both over 60 years of age......UGH.

  15. When my first husband left me I had to leave work as I had 2 children under 2, the nearest childcare was 40km away from where I lived and worked and the cost, including petrol, would have been over half my weekly wage. I didn't even want to think about the two 80km return trips each day with two small kids or the preparation for daycare 5 days a week! The alternative was to accept sole parents pension of $960/month of which I had to pay $570/month mortgage, find money for car rego and running costs as I lived in a rural area, pay bills and feed and clothe us. Ex-hubby made excuses for not paying maintenance :(.
    However, I raised my 2 older children for most of their younger lives and we are as thick as thieves today and even finish each others sentences.
    I don't know how I did it but I'd do it all over again as my 2 older kids and I are best friends as well as family.

  16. Well I can't think of anything real recent. My children are 15 months apart and to add to that I had a misscarriage before I got pregnant with my daughter and then had another misscarriage after I had my son. So for like 4 years I was pregnant every year. It was very hard on my body but I did have two healthy children. Hard when they were both small but got easier the older they got. My daughter is in college and will be in nursing school soon and my son is in the Marine Corp., married and has a one yr. old son.

    Thank you for the giveaway and a chance to win. Love to see a good comedy.


  17. Haha that's too funny because I literally just blogged about how I do it today. I kind of thisnk that about myself most of the time to be honest. And think "it's no wonder I'm tired"

  18. I feel that way every semester at uni! I graduate this year and I'm sure when I look back on it I'll wonder how I managed with all the errands, housework, health crises, blogging, textbook reading, lecture note taking, assignment writing, voluntary work, journal article research.... argh. It's making my head hurt just thinking about it and yet it manages to get done.

  19. when I moved to Japan and found a job in Tokyo within a week! I don't know how I did it! I guess I was very determined, I HAD TO find a job if I wanted to stay there for a while. Very proud of myself, it was a big challenge, especially because I don't speak Japanese!

  20. I got high grades in my first year of university as a mature age student while working 40+ hours a week!

  21. I would say my moment would be fitting in life as we know it being a mature age student, working, older parents who need some support and still looking after my self. Big challenge and rewarding. thanks K

  22. The birth of my son. I look back at my labour and think "I don't know how I did it". What we women can do is amazing :)


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