04 February 2012

6 years ago

After a tough pregnancy and awful delivery, my gorgeous little boy was born weighing in at over 4 kgs.

Today, Sam is 6. Sam is a wonderful person, so full of joy and love. He is kind hearted and my little chatterbox. As many of you know, hubs is away for work a lot, so Sam is my ‘man of the house’ when daddy is away. He’s my little companion and always ready for a cuddle – no questions asked.

He started his day, opening his pile of presents.

Lego. Transformers. Wii games. His idea of perfection!


Sam 2


Then it was time for his special birthday breakfast and time for school.

Sam took in a big bag of rainbow lolly pops to hand out to his class mates.


Sam 1


In this day and age of allergies, taking a birthday cake into class, to share with his friends, is NOT allowed.

I spent the day, baking his birthday cake. I’d seen some wonderful pictures of this type of cake on Pinterest and had been itching to try it.




Seriously, it took hours to put together as I only had 2 cake tins of the same size. You’ll see what I mean about cake tins, in later photos.

It’s a butter cake with cream cheese frosting. YUM!!




Don’t mind the background of these pictures. We had a small get together with friends/neighbours in the garage and that is hubby’s wood working lathe and bits, on the bench.

Sam was having a great time, which was the most important thing :-)




It’s FAR from perfect, but I was pleased with my first attempt. I’m sure that by the time my daughters birthday rolls around in September, I’ll have it worked out.




Rainbow cake – YUM! Happy Birthday my little Sam. Love you lot’s xo


  1. Yummy rainbow cake. I make delicious cakes, but they aren't so pretty, and my boys never minded one bit. Happy Birthday to your adorable Sam.

  2. Happy Birthday Sam! What an awesome cake.

  3. Lovely! What a happy little boy! I made a Rainbow cake for my daughter at about the same age using a bunt pan, and when you put the colors in layers, cut the bunt cake in half, it looks like a double rainbow! It's fun to make fun cakes for your kids birthdays. Nice job!

  4. Happy Birthday Sam!! ... What a fantastic cake your mum made for you!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Sam. Hope that cake tastes as good as it looks.

  6. Happy birthday Sam! That's some cake your Mum made you!

  7. Happy Birthday to Sam!! What a great Mom you are - love that cake :-)

  8. Looks YUM!! I too have seen this on pinterest.........looks like he had a great time......where does the time go?

  9. Happy Birthday Sam... the cake looks fantastic.....

  10. Happy Birthday Sam!!

    Anorina, this is an awesome post. Your son's smiles brought a smile to my face too. :)

  11. Fabulous cake! And a big happy birthday to Sam!

  12. Happy birthday Sam and congratulations to you,too. You have a handsome little man.
    Your cake looks delicious, I love the rainbow layers.

  13. happy birthday Sam,love the cake.xx

  14. cake looks graet! A VERY happy birthday wish to Sam!!

  15. Happy birthday Sam

    I'm surprised he was allowed to share the lollipops!

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