10 January 2012

The Nutcracker {Giveaway}

When I was young, I went on a school excursion to my local hall, to watch a local performance of “The Nutcracker”. I don’t remember much about the actual show, but I do remember the dancing and the music by Tchaikovsky.
Set in 1920s Vienna. Nine-year-old Mary lives with her bratty brother, Max, in a home filled with lovely things but neglected by distracted parents.
On Christmas Eve, Mary's beloved Uncle Albert (who looks remarkably like Albert Einstein) arrives with the gift of a wooden nutcracker doll. After they go to bed, Mary's imagination brings the doll to life.
The Nutcracker (or NC as he likes to call himself) takes her on a wonder filled journey through a stunning dimension where toys take on human form and look much larger.
Danger is not far away. An army of toothy rat creatures, led by the flamboyant Rat King and his devious mother, has unleashed a plot to overthrow humanity.
When NC is captured and placed under a paralytic spell, Mary, Max and a spirited band of toy sidekicks must rescue him from the Rat King's clutches and thwart his wicked plans to 'ratify' the world.
There is no ballet in this movie, but some great performances by Elle Fanning who is Mary, and the super charismatic, Nathan Lane as Uncle Albert. It is not the usual Nutcracker story, but an enlarged “untold” version.
The dialogue is easy for children to follow and the effects and costumes in this fantasty adventure are colourful and eye catching.

Nutcracker DVD

Universal Pictures sent a copy of the DVD for our review, and we brought it with us on our trip to Melbourne, to watch with the grandparents. My son decided, before we’d even started the DVD player, that he wasn’t going to watch it. In saying this, I did catch him sneaking peeks throughout the film and then pretending that he wasn’t enjoying it.
My daughter, who is 4, thought the rats were a little bit scary but liked all of the pretty effects and music. Grandma loved the film and is looking forward to watching it again after we head home.
Would you like to win a copy of The Nutcracker?
The generous people at Universal are giving away a DVD of The Nutcracker, to one Samelia’s Mum reader.
If you’d like a chance to win, leave a comment telling me:

What sort of nut are you, and why?

I think I’d be a chocolate coated macadamia nut – sweet and delicious on the outside and Australian on the inside.
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T & C’s:
Giveaway closes at noon on Sunday 15 January 2012 AEDST.
Open to Australian residents only.
Be Creative with your entry.

Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was given for this review. I did, however, receive a review copy of The Nutcracker from Universal Pictures. All opinions are my own or of my family, where applicable.


  1. I have never seen The Nutcracker! I must be a huge nut! Thanks for a chance.

  2. Pistachio - I love the surprise of the green colour hidden inside! And I love doing things that surprise people when they think I'm so predictable!

  3. I would love the opportunity to win this!

  4. I's love to be a cashew, because sweet or savoury they always taste divine.. mmm.. must be time for some baklava!

  5. I would say I'm a cashew..... sweet and salty.

  6. Hmmm, I think I'd have to say a chocolate covered peanut. I'm short, roundish, salty, and yet sweet too.

  7. I don't know what sort of nut I would be. Does that make me nutty! Thanks for the chance. I'd love to see this movie.

  8. I am an American nut; however, I would like to think of myself as something more exotic like maybe a chocolate and toffee covered Macademia nut:) The Nutcracker ballet is my favorite!

  9. I would be a chocolate coated peanut as they remind me of Christmas and being with family - which would be lovely to do all year round.
    Penny Spreitzer

  10. I am a hazelnut and my best friend is nutella!

  11. A corn nut? Nothing fancy, a bit salty sometimes too.

  12. I think I would be the nutter - as in complete nutter! Although I like the idea of being a macadamia - a tough shell to crack but worth it for the silky smooth ball of goodness on the inside.

  13. I would always be a whole cashewnut - devilled with chillie powder and salt!!!

  14. I'd be a hazelnut, as we're both oval in shape and have a close affinity to chocolate.

  15. hehe Im a coconut! Kind of hairy on the outside (on a lazy week which happens too often!) and full of goodness. My ballerina adores the nutcracker in all its forms, thanks for the giveaway opportunity

  16. i am a pecan because i am just as bumpy,thankyou for a chance to win.xx

  17. A honey coated cashew...sweet and yummy. PS love the Nutcracker my dad first introduced me to the music as a child.

  18. im a Sacha inchi is not too common yet, nice taste, unique, incomparable, south american rich in vitamins so yes like Me!

  19. A peanut describes me
    small in stature you see
    Salty to taste or not.
    round and fun with beer,
    mothering priorities are clear!!

  20. I think I am a lucky nut, I was in Moscow at Christmas time and got tickets for a matinee performance of Nutcracker Ballet at the Bolshoi, the ticket hcost was 100 Rubles each = $ 3. 07 Australian, we couldn't believe our luck. The D.V.D would be a wonderful reminder.