26 December 2011

My Memories of Christmas 2011

Even though we were all fighting off the flu, Christmas day was nice.

The morning began with my daughter running in to say that Santa hadn’t been yet. Hubby told her to go back and double check, so she did, and he had been – YAY!


Christmas Presents


The next couple of hours were spent opening presents, eating breakfast and then preparing the lunch.

No turkey in our house this year. Instead we went with roast pork. My family came over for lunch, but before we ate, more present unwrapping was required.

Christmas cracker prizes kept my little lady amused.


Christmas Cracker


The food was very yummy though we missed my sister, who stayed at home with a sore belly (gastro bug).


Christmas Pavlova


Her boys came and enjoyed playing with their cousins and eating lot’s of sweets and I hope they weren’t too hyper when they went home.

This is my nephew really, REALLY enjoying his pavlova.


Christmas Pavlova 2


The day ended with a Christmas film on the telly and playing with some of the new toys.


Christmas Lego


Sam is still feeling a sick, but playing with lego helped take his mind off it (for a little while anyways).


Christmas Lego 2


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day with your family and loved ones.


  1. I'm sorry you were all sick for Christmas - I hope you all get well soon. Sounds like you had a wonderful day regardless. I'm glad your husband was at home and not scheduled to fly yesterday. I remember Christmases without WM because he was rostered to work or because he'd been on night shift and was sleeping!

  2. Hope you are all feeling better soon. We had a little sick one. No fun at christmas

  3. Merry Christmas and I hope that everyone feels better in time to ring in the New Year!


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