08 December 2011

Hamilton Sun {Review + Giveaway}

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Summer has arrived with the promise of fun in the sun. The beach beckons… the swimming pool calls our name… even the garden sprinkler gets a look-in.

I love the summer and so do my kids. We love to be out in the sun and enjoying its warmth. We love the beach. We love picnics. We love going to the park. The problem with enjoying all these summer activities, is of course, the sun.

To put it frankly sun burn sucks - in many ways. Of course there is the sore skin which makes sleeping impossible and having a shower, absolutely scary, but the worst part, is the bits we can’t see.

For years now we have been getting the ‘slip,slop,slap’ message from assorted media and it has worked. We don’t leave home without our long sleeve shirts, hats, sunglasses and always have a bottle of sunscreen handy in the car. Here is the problem - there are so many sun screens to choose from.

Personally, I don’t understand the whole scientific side of sunscreen – how it’s made or how it works. For me, the important factors in choosing and buying sunscreen are its ease of use, the feel of the cream on the skin, the scent and the price.

Earlier this week, I received the Hamilton brand of sunscreen to trial and review - in 3 different varieties - Family, Toddler and Sensitive. To be honest, I’d never heard of this brand, but have since learnt that it is only available in pharmacies.

In 1932 Hamilton Laboratories manufactured one of the worlds first sunscreens.

Over 75 years of product development have resulted in Australia’s premium sunscreen range.

Toddler was great for Miss 4 who is very fair. She has blond/ginger hair and fair English skin, which burns easily. It is fragrance free and is a gentle sunscreen that provides a broad spectrum UVA + UVB sunscreen protection PLUS it is 4 hours water resistant (which is very important to us).



Sensitive was perfect for my son who has sensitive skin. He used to suffer from eczema when he was younger, so I’m always careful about what products we use on his skin. It is fragrance and perfume free to reduce risk of allergy.



Family is ideal for moderate sun exposure and great for everyday use for the whole family. I can be used all over the body including the face. It provides 4 hours water resistance.



I keep the Hamilton Family Sunscreen in the car as it covers all our needs and gives me a moisturising treatment at the same time.

With thanks to Hamilton and Nuffnang, I have a sunscreen pack just like the one I trialled to give away to one lucky reader.

If you’d like the chance to win this pack, leave me a comment telling me:


What fun activities do you have planned for this summer?


The giveaway is open to Australian residents only and closes at Midday on

Sunday, 11 December 2011.


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  1. We can't wait to introduce beach, sand and theme parks to our little Miss 6 months, Miss 10y is so excited to share her favourite QLD spots with her in January

  2. We have a swimming pool so we don't have to far and our Older Grandson loves it!

    I used Hamilton on my DD when she was small - more htan 20 years ago!

  3. Alway use Hamilton sunscreen. I'll be doing lots of gardening this summer.

  4. We are planning bike rides, visits to the beach, bowling and some other things if I can handle it!

  5. I've never heard of Hamilton before either.
    I walk for exercise and take the dogs(and my camera) for company and fun. We all swim in the dam or the creek and take the odd trip to the beach. DD12 rides her horse, no matter what the weather and doesn't always wear her hat ....grrrr!

  6. Well we are hoping for sunshine at the weekends...... My husbands car (lotus elite 1974) should be back on the road by summer, so plenty of driving and picnics are planned for us. Time for Angus to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

  7. I am planning on taking the kids to see a couple of movies, then as a family we want to have LOTS of picnics! We love to discover new parks and playgrounds, and quiet little beaches. We need time away from the TV, the computer and the house!

  8. We will be spending as much time as we can in and around our pool. We love to water ski (not in our pool, although my husband has put the boat in once) and we might throw in a sunny holiday...

  9. Fun at the park, Lazing by the pool :-)

  10. We like to go bush & spend time up there "day camping",so we have everything set up,except the tent..& we fish,get the BBQ going for lunch,relax reading or sitting chatting,then maybe a swim & a fish again or fish again then a swim.We stay as long as possible,then pack up & come on home..It's fantastic family fun.
    thanks for a chance to join in.
    Hugs Catherine x

  11. I'm going on two holidays this summer: 10 days backpaking in WA (around Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth) for Christmas, then 6 days resort holiday in Fiji at the end of January!

  12. Little Miss Sunshine is finally going to fly her Dora the Explorer kite... probably at a beach!

  13. Boxing Day sales and then the January mid-season sales! Fun to shop at both with my family and on my own!

  14. We are off to QLD this summer, I have plan to spend all morning in the pool, nap in the afternoon when the sun is worst. Then back in the pool late afternoon, evening.

    Sounds blissful to me, kids love it too, except for the nap bit :D