29 November 2011

Crust Gourmet Pizza {review + giveaway}

When I was growing up, take away was very rare indeed – usually reserved for birthday’s or special occasions. I remember when dads birthday came around, we got his favourite, KFC, which in those days was still called Kentucky Fried Chicken. Hot and spicy. Do they still make it?

Anyways, times have changed. After a crazy week of school and after school activities, Friday is the night we like to get take away for dinner and just chillax.

Food, a carpet picnic, games or a family movie. Perfect!

Last Friday night, we tried out Crust Gourmet Pizza.

Crust Logo
It was a wet evening, so we ordered our meal and drove to pick it up. It was raining, so Mr Man got out of the car to collect our order while me and the ravenous 2 in the back, did a blocky. For those who may not be familiar with the term “blocky”, we drove around the block and back to pick up hubby.

He got in the car and the aroma coming from those cardboard boxes was amazing! Amazing I tell you.

Would we be able to wait those 15 minutes it would take to drive back home – or should we find a nice spot (nearby) to park and have a car picnic?

The decision was unanimous – car picnic it was!! Lucky for us, we were near the Wollongong lighthouse… the place where hubby proposed (but that’s a story for another day).

We were not disappointed. I can say it was some of the BEST pizza I’ve ever eaten.

Hubby chose the Peking Duck which is marinated Peking duck breast, steamed bok choy, shallots and sesame seeds, on a hoisin base and garnished with fresh chilli.

Crust Pizza - Peking Duck

I chose the Five Spice Pork Belly which is the 5 spice marinated pork belly, pear slices, and topped with wild rocket, crushed walnuts and a balsamic glaze.

Crust Pizza - Five Spice Pork Belly

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is. They are so different from the usual pepperoni or supreme… AND so yummy!

The kids weren’t left out. Crust Gourmet Pizza have a fantastic new kids menu which comes with a kid sized pizza and a drink.

Here are my 2 kiddies, munching happily away in the back of the car.

Cheese for my little lady and chicken and pineapple for my little man.

Crust - Miss  Crust Master

The pizzas are quite large, so we even had leftovers for lunch the next day. Yay!!

Would you like a Friday night off?

Thanks to the awesome people at Crust Gourmet Pizza, I have a “Friday Night Off” kit to giveaway.

The kit includes 2 upper crust pizzas, 2 kids meals, 1 salad, 4 desserts and a bottle of soft drink. Check out to salivate over all of the great pizza’s on their menu.

Not only are they giving away this yummy food, but they’re including a UNO game for the family to play and a DVD for the parents.

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment telling me:

What toppings would you put together, to make a fantastic pizza?

Be creative!
The giveaway is open to Australian residents only and closes at Midday on Sunday, 4 December 2011. I’ll have Mr Man choose a winner.

Disclosure: I received a "Friday night off kit" for the purpose of this review. No financial payment was offered or accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Winner of this giveaway was Karen.


  1. Miss 15 suggests pineapple, sweetcorn, spinach and ham. Master 12 (a big pizza lover) likes mushroom, ham, cheese and egg. I'm a big fan of BBQ chicken, mushroom onion and rocket myself but I would be very happy to try the peking duck (though I would have to hide it as master 12 gets upset at the thought of anyone eating duck!)

  2. It wouldn’t matter where we order our Pizza from, and we’ve been known to drive for an hour to eat our favourite pizza, my hubby is a creature of habit and wouldn’t deviate from his tried and trusted Supreme with Anchovies – sorry can’t be creative with hubby’s choice.

    I like the sound of the Pecking Duck, with the addition of Roasted Red Capsicum, and Fresh Asparagus Spears.

    My little boy is a little more adventurous than his father (thankfully) and loves Cheese, Chorizo and olives on his pizza.

    I haven’t heard of Crusty Gourmet Pizza, the pictures look amazing – I have to try it out.

  3. Yum. Those pizzas sound delicious...
    Smoked salmon, or Moroccan lamb... maybe both... add some fresh asparagus and lashings of cheese, but I still like ham and pineapple too..

  4. catherine vormister

    says Miss 10 would love chocolate, sprinkles and icecream with mickey mouse waffles on her pizza. Very interesting thought.

  5. Mmmmm yummmmm. These pizzas look so good, and thanks to all the Crust giveaways round the blogosphere at the moment I am hyper aware of them so was pleasantly surprised to find a Crust store near us (See Crust, your promotion worked, win or lose I will be there at some point). I'd love to mix up a mongolian lamb, onion and capsicum pizza on BBQ sauce base. Mmmm

  6. It's great pizza hey. I think the perfect pizza is one with heaps and heaps of veggies and just a smattering of cheese. Caramelised onion and capsicum, zucchinni, mushrooms. nom nom nom :)

  7. Those pizzas look yummy. I hadn't heard of Crust Gourmet Pizzas before but when I checked their website I found there is one only a couple of suburbs away! My suggestion would be marinated lamb, rosemary, red onion and haloumi cheese!

  8. As nice as those pizzas sound there is no point in me entering this give away, the pizzas would be cold by the time they got here. The nearest store is in Melbourne (3 hours away) or Queanbeyan (4.5 hours away).

  9. I'd love one with chicken, baby spinach, mango slices and pine nuts.

  10. I love all Mediterranean food, so I'd create a European pizza with: feta cheese, marinated lamb strips, roasted capsicum and eggplant slices, sliced olives, spinach, oregano, topped with cherry tomatoes and crumbled ricotta cheese. Yummo!!

  11. I like to keep it simple. Pepperoni, mushroom with double cheese on thin base. YUM!

  12. I'm a vegetarian so I'm pleased to see they have some yummy vego options.

    I'd design one with roast potato, feta cheese, cashews, caramelised onion and cherry tomatoes.

    The for dessert - a yummy dessert pizza with raspberry coulis, mascarpone and a drizzle of dark chocolate.

  13. My husband votes for creamed corn (instead of tomato paste) chicken, cheese & pineapple..

    I think you just couldn't go past garlic prawns, chorizo & mushroom.

  14. Pizza had to be one of my favourite foods. Prawns, avocado and pesto!

  15. Cheese cheese and more cheese fetta cheese and salami, um and yes capsicum and mushroom (2 vegies so its a healthy pizza)

  16. garlic base, king prawns, fetta, fresh basil, drizzled with sweet chili sauce! yum!

  17. A greek lamb style pizza- marinated lamb, oregano, eggplant, garlic, tomato, feta, lemon wedges & yogurt on the side


  18. my pizza toppings would be cheese ,ham ,chilli ,salami,pineapple, chicken,basil. and what ever else i can grab my mittins on lol

  19. Oh my gosh those pizzas look amazing! I love spicy seafood, so a chilli garlic tasmaniann scallop, prawn, & chorizo, topped with fresh rocket would be divine. For desert I might need a caramelized almond crust topped with vanilla bean ice cream to sooth my taste buds..

  20. A medley of mushrooms, spinach, feta, garlic and pine nuts to add the christmassy touch i would add some turkey or turkey bacon.

  21. Sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese and honey!

  22. With summer coming up I reckon a chicken, rocket & mango with a mango chutney pizza would be great. Now I feel like pizza!
    Penny Spreitzer