25 November 2011

Animal People {Review + Giveaway}

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I used to be an avid reader… before kids. When I had more time throughout the day to just sit and read, without distraction.

Now, I reserve my book reading to bedtime, just before lights out. I find it a good way to just forget the drama of the day and live someone else’s life for a little while. Know what I mean?

This past week, I was sent “Animal People” to read and review here on my blog. Animal People is a novel written by Charlotte Wood.



The whole book is set during one day in the life of the main character, Stephen Connolly. Yes, you read that right. One day makes up the whole book. But oh, what a day!

It starts with a call from his mother, which just sets his day off to a bad start. Dealing with his neighbours who treat the homeless like junk but dote on their dog. Winding his way through the local shopping centre to get his morning coffee and dealing with the strange locals from his neighbourhood. Dealing with traffic and junkies – in that order. He says awkward things at awkward times and wears the wrong clothes which are a source of fun from his associates.

Team building exercises at work, dealing with his work mate’s change of attitude and promotion, and the heat… the exhausting, oppressive, sweaty heat. And I think I’ve only covered up to lunch time… it gets better in the afternoon.

To be honest, I didn’t take to the book straight away and found it a little boring – but I persisted and by the halfway point, I couldn’t put it down. Stephen’s day just goes from bad to worse and you feel for him. You really do.

Charlotte Wood is a brilliant Australian writer, who I’d never heard of before “Animal People”, but will look for, in future.

I have a copy of Animal People to give away to one lucky reader.

To enter, just leave me a comment telling me:


If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose and why?


I think I’d go with a Golden Headed Lion Tamarin.  This is ‘Otto’ at the Bronx zoo. Isn’t he the cutest??

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The giveaway is open until midday, Monday 28 November 2011 AEST.

Open to Australian residents only.



  1. Will the book make me cry....I always know I have enjoyed a book if I have shed some tears along the read.

    I would like a pet tiger. If you have seen O'Reilly, you can tell I like 'em big. I love tiger feet. I went in with the tiger Mohan at Dreamworld. The standing joke in my house is that I need drugs to get me on a plane, but couldn't wait to go into the tiger enclosure where the other tiger was in a really bad mood and could have sent the whole deal pear shaped.

  2. I think I have to agree with Sue, I would love to have a big cat, especially a tiger if practicality wasn't an issue. Being practical though a really lovely rescue puppy once we have a fenced yard & a few other things taken care of.
    I don't get to read as much as I would like now I am a mummy but I am making an effort at the moment to get back into it. Currently reading an amazing book called "The Price of Life" by Nigel Brennan, Nicole Bonney & Kellie Brennan. True story of Nigel's Kidnap and Ransom in Africa. I know Kellie his Sister in Law. It is a gripping and fantastic read.

  3. My favorite pet is a little doggie. My little dog Scruffy die early this year from cancer. I still miss him every day. he was my constant companion, sleep at my feet while I sewed, following me around the house. I have just started to look for a new little dog but have not quiet found what I want.

  4. Charlotte says - a monkey so she could dress it up in cute outfits and they are so cute and snugly and so cute and gorgeous and so cute and........cute! yeah, she's

    Zac says - an eagle as they are awesome. nuff said. yeah - he typed that & he's

    I say - I already have pets - they are called the hubby & kids! But I would love to win a copy of the book.

    Karen xx

  5. i would like a giraffe please! They have been my favorite animal since I was a little girl. It's on my bucket list to visit one of those reserves where you can feed them up close & personal. Fun question - thanks.

  6. That's so easy. Always a dog! I love weenie dogs and have had a number over my life time. The latest being my Sammie dog who is gone now. I'm too old to start over again. Right now I'm babysitting my Grand dog.

  7. I am a dog person all the way! Right now have a rescue doxie! love her! thanks!

  8. I would always have a dog. They are such good company!

  9. I like my wild cats a little smaller and have recently fallen in love with the nearly extinct Snow Leopard. At only 7 feet long, half or more of which is fluffy tail, they also are covered in spots and I love spots as well as cats :D. I think I'd have to move to the Snowy Mtns though.

  10. I would have a dragon fly, for its flight and wing appeal.
    But obviously i would want it to be a tad bigger then they actually are. :))

  11. I would like to have a tiger, it would give me the love of a cat and the protection of a dog (no robbery at my place for sure).

  12. I like little dogs that always look like puppies.


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