Too much sport - is it possible?

Let me start this post by saying that other than the Formula One (motor racing championship), we're not really regular television sport watchers.

But... over the past few weeks, there has been so much going on, that we just had to tune in.

It started a couple of weeks ago with the grand finals of both of Australia's major football codes.

The AFL (Australian Rules) grand final was on the Saturday while the NRL (Rugby League) grand final was on the Sunday.

Add to this, the Rugby World Cup which is currently being played in New Zealand. We support both Australia and England so we had to cheer on those games too.

Fast forward to today. It's the biggest motor racing day on the Australian calendar. It's the Bathurst 1000 (V8 cars). Plus there is the Formula One race in Japan, all while Australia plays South Africa in the rugby.

I'm exhausted! Just from trying to keep up with it all.

Hubby got himself a special hat. He says it helps.

I say bring on the reality tv shows ;-) That's more my 'thing'.

What do you think - with the cricket season on the way, is there too much sport on (free to air) television?


  1. I love the football & motor racing & just finished watching Bathurst. I would love to see all football games on free to air tv & with each TV station now having multiple channels there is no reason why there can't be alternatives to watch for those not interested. I don't think the problem is too much sport on free tv, just that most of the other programming is rubbish. Great hat, good for indurence sport watching! Tracee xx

  2. You know, of course, that there are only two answers to this which depend on whether the respondent is into sport or not!

    When January comes, I will make myself thoroughly sick of tennis in three weeks but it will seem a long time until June when the networks finally think the tennis at Wimbledon is ratings worthy!

    Cricket has to be, dare I say it, the most boring sport ever invented - watching the same game for five days which could then end in a draw if it rains, even though one team is obviously better than the other, is just too stupid for words (my dad and my brother both played Club cricket but it doesn't stop me being sacrilegious!)

  3. I am not 'into' sports, so for me the answer is YES, there is too much sport on free to air TV. I think that with so many channels out there now, that having dedicated channels to sport would be great, so the rest of us not interested in it can watch something else. Having said that, I really don't like reality TV either so I have very slim pickings. I am reduced to watching and re-watching my favourite TV series and movies on my computer screen while the family watches the big screen. Some days that is actually preferable. And I agrees with Lynne, I think that cricket has to be the most boring game ever invented and tennis comes a close second! Told you I was not into sports :-)

  4. The real football started this weekend with Sydney FC playing Melbourne Victory and only ending about half an hour ago with Perth Glory playing Adelaide in Perth.

    At one point today my son had his laptop watching ice hockey and the TV with Bathurst, and like you as soon as Bathurst finished the F1 was on.
    Now all the family have gone home Steve is watching foxsports news to catch the sport he missed today which included a one day state cricket game.
    And like Lynne my sport is tennis, only ever played it socially I love watching it in January even set myself up so I can craft and watch into the late night games. This year if my daughter will let me stay with her I might even go down and watch some live

  5. There could never be too much sport on TV - I can disappear to the sewing room and I'm not missed because all concentration is on the sport. I put in a appearance every now and then, ask the score, nod wisely, and head back. Having said that I do like to keep up with the Union and cricket :)

  6. There has been lots on... although I don't mind missing it.. I don't mind 'listening' to it whilst I stitch!! I did watch the rugby yesterday even though Hubz wasn't home... so I must be a Wallaby supporter!!

  7. There is too much if you only have one tv set!! I must do something about that! :)

  8. I don't think there is too much sport on TV. But alas I am a sports lover from way back when my dad would get the family up in the dead of night to listen to the cricket in England.We would listen to an old transistor:) Sports gives dh a chance to relax and I can iron or stitch and be part of it!We love NFL as well.!!!!!

  9. I'm not a regular sports person so think there is definitely too much of it on, especially when they reprogram shows to broadcast the sports. However, it's difficult to talk to me when the Olympic dressage or showjumping is on. Horse 'ballet' and 'gymnastics' get me every time. Yeah, I'm a weirdo but a nice one :).


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