Overcoming Addiction

Did my title grab your attention? It sounds a little bit hard-core, but this is not a sinister post… I’m talking about ‘Dummy Addiction’.
After 4 years, many tears and cries of “I can’t do it”, my little lady has finally given up her dummy. It’s been 4 nights that she’s gone to bed without her dummy. Yay!!
We’d been talking about it for a long time and we’d tried to give it up in a variety of different ways, but like any other habit (or should I say addiction), she wouldn’t last and go back to it (within the same day).
When she was younger, she would have one at hand, all the time. Then it became only night-time, that she’d want to suck on her dummy. It was her little bit of comfort and would help her settle into sleep.
I’m so proud of Miss A, but a little sad that she’s growing up and this was the last of her ‘baby’ things to end.
My babies are growing up too quickly. Hmmm... maybe it’s time for another one ;-)
Habits / addictions are so hard to break. For me, it’s coffee - for it’s effect plus I really love the taste of black coffee (with some chocolate on the side).
Coffee cup
And now that I’m thinking about it, buying and stashing fabric is my other addiction. Can’t help myself when I see pretty fabrics.
Over to you now…
What is your addiction?


  1. I've done really good! It was soda, but I gave it up cold turkey. I just quit. I decided it was time to take better care of myself, and soda wasn't a good health choice for me. I decided I needed to drink more water instead. It was a really HARD decision, but once I made this decision I wasn't going back.

  2. I have a few addictions. My biggest one is Pepsi Max, I just love the stuff. I haven't given it up but I limit myself to one glass a day. I also love coffee, the taste and especially the smell. I have switched to decaf so it is not bad for me and again I limit how many I have a day and I alternate with herbal tea. I also love Deli Rock Honey Soy chips - I could eat them all day but again, I limit myself to how much I can have in one week. I don't want to deprive myself of the stuff I love but moderation is the key.

  3. Its soda for me. I cant drink the stuff anymore or i get a horrible stomach ache... but every once in a while i cave and then im miserable for the next few hours. It has been a hard one to give up. Thank goodness coffee doesn't bother the stomach, i still drink a ton of that! (so its an addiction) hmmmm.. then lately ive had a fascination with yardsales... i cant pass one up! i even stop if i dont have money!!

  4. Black coffee for me too but decaf these days, fabric yes, yarn yes, bags and pouches yes. Better stop :)

  5. Just yesterday was an other article in the paper that coffee is good for us (not more then 4 cups a day, mind you). So it's not an addiction, it's medicine ;. And chocolate is good for us too. Well, you are doing all the right things!

  6. Yay for your daughter giving up her addiction.

    My addiction is definitely coffee. I am a HUGE coffee snob too at that. I MUST have my coffee ground fresh daily and we order ours from a coffee roaster in Milwaukee WI. Actually we order from that location but they actually roast the beans in Minnesota and they don't roast them until an order comes in so you can't get much fresher than that. So yea, huge coffee snob and I'm not giving it up for nothing. LOL

  7. Definitely fabric stashing is a current addiction.

    Also browsing shops online wishing I could buy every handmade beauty I love.

    Coffee, well I need my coffee every morning before I start my day. I can only have one cup as I am still breastfeeding. I have a one shot espresso latte that I make using my tassimo brewer. I'm not a nice person without my coffee. And not a very awake one either.

    Watching the babies grow up is so bittersweet! On the one hand, you're proud of their growth and development, but on the other hand it's sad to see them growing up so fast. My daughter will be 10 months old in ten days. I can't believe it.

  8. Bean was a bit funny with his dummy usage... he started at 1 month, gave up on his own at 5 months.... then at 18 months when he was cutting his canine teeth he started using one again and it took me until he was about 3 and a half to convince him to send his dummy to the "Dummy Fairy" (who, for those not in the know, sends the dummies to the new little babies who need them and sends a present in return).

    Blossom on the other hand wouldn't take one until she was about 2.5 months old and then just stopped using hers a couple of months after Bean gave his up (she would have been all of 15-18 months).

    Meanwhile.... my addictions.. I suppose you could say I'm addicted to collecting things. What I collect depends on what is happening at the time..

    For example when Blossom was wearing cloth nappies I was addicted to buying/selling/trading cloth nappies. Now that she's toilet trained they're sitting on the shelf waiting for me to remember to take photos and advertise them for sale. It's been 10 months!

    My mom gave me some Royal Albert tea cups one Christmas maybe 3 years ago... then I got engaged last year and was putting together my wedding registry and ended up receiving a matching cake platter as an engagement gift.. can you see where this is heading? I now have a relatively complete, matching tea AND coffee set.

    Now that I have my GO! I can see the potential for an increasingly large die collection, and as I'm sewing more I've been buying A LOT more fabric than I have in quite some time. I seem to be collecting fat quarters every time I see them!


  9. The internet is my addiction (along with lollies; that I've given up, chocolate, op shopping and coffee). But I have lots of good habits to make up for these (or so I tell myself!)
    Congrats on Miss A finally beating the dummy addiction.

  10. For me it's chocolate, yarn and playing computer games, although we don't eat that much chocolate since mrs was diagnosed with diabetes.

  11. Oh I wish I could get my urchins to ditch the binkies. They're nearly 4 and it's a no-go. They'll do good for a minute but then NOPE, they have to have them again. Even tried the whole "The doctor said so." bit and though it worked for a day or so, it didn't last. The "Big girl vs. baby" thing doesn't work either. Ugh! It'll be braces on those teeth for sure. (Times 2!)

    As to my addictions, there are too many to count. So, it's probably best to not list them here. It's terrible. I know.

  12. I'm a lover of coffee too. But only 'real' coffee. I can't handle instant coffee. I'm a self-confessed coffee snob! :)

  13. I'm not sure whether to congratulate you on this momentous step or commiserate with you on the loss of "babyhood"!

    I think the computer is my addiction! I really miss it when I am not able to access the blogs I follow or even simple computer games (Spider Solitaire and Free Cell).


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